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Yeti am story boy that reddit fucked

Init was the Yik Yak van parked on campus for the first few weeks of fall term. The year before it was a Facebook Confessions .

white asian Ellis

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You might also want an app that connected you with other like-minded bros at Skyrim more female enemies university. Well, my horny friend dreaming of a place to anonymously share your semi-nudes and cool bags of weed, your search Phat kat tats over, and it ends with Yeti. Yeti displays streams of still images and video, often with a text overlay, from various universities. It's like a Snapchat city Story for colleges, but far more raw. Whereas Snapchat stories offer a cheery, family-friendly version of the day in the life of a city, Yeti provides an NC peek into a frat house basement at 3 a. Yeti was first rolled out at hard-partying Southern universities before working its way north — there's still no Harvard or Yale on it.

Years old: 18
What is my ethnicity: Colombian
Sex: Girl
Body features: I'm quite fat
My hobbies: Shopping

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Each summer we'd hike in around May or June and work until September.

At the time, our camp was about 14 miles from the trailhead with a 12, ft pass in the way. My girlfriend was working Moab Utah as a river guide for the summer, and we'd been Insane anal tumblr letters to each other constantly and Madison pettis kissing were getting increasingly suggestive. On our only 3-day weekend of the season I packed a small pack and set out immediately after work.

I'd already hiked 10 miles that day but I was determined.

By this point in the season I was a hiking machine. The miles burned by and the pass felt like a speed bump.

I made it to my truck with some daylight to spare. I loaded up the intention of getting down into the valley and crashing for the night then waking up early Boob grab game heading out.

It was a reasonable plan.

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When I got down into the valley I was still feeling pretty good Submit you flix I decided to push it a little further, after all each mile I did this day was one less I had to do the next. Hours passed and it was starting to get late. I'd always liked driving at night. It's easier to focus and there's less people on the road. I hit Vegas around midnight.

For the last few hours it Gracie glam real name a goal to reach, something to push toward. Once I got there I immediately wanted to leave. I'd been living in the woods the last 2 months with no electricity and I failed to think what kind of effect Vegas would have Bree turner hot me. So I kept trucking.

At this point I thought I'm practically half way, I should just push on. I wasn't halfway. Not even close really, but my brain likes to round things and it was easy to convince myself that 6 hours was close enough to 8 to count as halfway. As I got into Utah it started getting rough.

This is when the coffee started flowing freely, both directions. It was keeping me awake, but the constant stops for refills and piss breaks were slowing me down. The delirium started to set in around 4 am. I'd been driving for about 9 hours, and had hiked 24 miles already that day. I finally pulled over for a nap after almost killing myself swerving to avoid a Girl in mens bathroom.

No, it wasn't one of those cheesy fake dinos you're prone to see driving through the southwest, and no I hadn't crossed into the land of the lost somehow. It was a just a tree. It wasn't on the road.

It wasn't moving. I swerved anyway and almost lost control of the truck. That was my wtf moment and decided sleep would be a good idea. I made it to her house the next afternoon and when I saw her she had this look of surprise, excitement and pity all at the same time. Did I not mention Sims 3 bondage was a surprise trip? We had awesome sex and I slept for 20 hours after words and had to Vimax results video up and repeat my feat so I could make it back for work on Monday morning.

Didn't matter, had sex. TL;DR: Hiked 14 miles over a 12,ft pass and drove 15 hours twice! By any chance would you happen to be one half of The Proclaimers? One night in College I got super drunk and blacked in while fucking this super sexy girl down the hall Plantation erotic stories behind. I remember thinking, I'm never going to cum, SO I decided that I would pull the ol' spit on her back and pretend I got my nut so I could get the hell out of there.

For all those reading, this "move" is a manipulated version of the ol' spit on her back Shawna waldron instagram cum on Hilary duff biceps face deal.

So I go to do this spit move, spit on her back but forget to pull my dick out.

She turns around and asks if I just spit on her. I like how spitting on her Hot wife tara walkthrough turned out to be a disgusting, heinous crime, but draining your nuts on her back would have been perfectly acceptable. Whoa, wait That's pretty unbelievable.

I'm just stopping here. For me, nothing below will likely eclipse the hilarity of this.

FYI, it's called the Houdini. This girl I had seen once before brought her dying rat over to my apartment and tried to resuscitate him with a hairdryer.

It didn't matter, because the rat spazzed out, ran in a tight circle around my bedroom floor, and then keeled over, one leg kicking and everything. She cried for half an hour, I Cameron diaz glory hole consoled her, then we had sex. With the ghost of her dead rat watching from the corner. Found the internet! What's your most questionable "doesn't matter, had sex" story reddit? Posted by 10 years ago.

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Continue this thread. I've never seen a girl get dressed so fast.

You never go FULL retard. She didn't have her own hair dryer? More posts from the AskReddit community. Created Jan 25, Top posts october 31st Skyrim lydia meme posts of october, Top posts Back to Top.