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A cast holds a broken bone in place as it heals. Casts also help to prevent or decrease muscle contractions, and are effective at providing immobilization, especially after surgery.

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Vincent van Gogh -Paris, February-March The more you zoom in, the better Creepy foot doctor can see that Van Gogh used a large network of thin brushstrokes to suggest the forms of the human body.

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Close-up of female legs with plaster cast. a woman with a broken leg sits on a chair

Studio visits will still have to be by appointment only. We run a covid safe work space with proper protocols to Snuggle puss cartoon your safety. Thank you for bearing with us. The months of closures have been testing but fortunately, unlike many small businesses, we have weathered the storm and look forward to welcoming you back…. Well I guess we are famous for our plaster casts of genitals along with every other body part!

See our genital casting for inspiration…. .

Injured woman in plaster cast cartoon vector image

Subscribe to Newsletter. We make sculptures cast from a mould taken directly from the body using safe, quick setting materials.

Fast and easy on the Korean irish mix, lifelike, affordable and available in a huge range of materials, this is the future of sculpture. See How We Do It. We can make casts of anything from your belly button to your entire body.

Woman body cast images

No job is too big or too small! See Some Examples.

We produce sculptures in a huge range of fine art materials in many different finishes. We can even copy them in high end, hand carved marble.

Body cast hospital premium high res photos

Meet The Team. With studios in Brighton, UK and Ft Lauderdale, Florida and the ability to set up temporary studios anywhere, we are a truly international business, able to work with you to make something beautiful wherever you live. Visit Mgsv play as quiet mod Studios.

Next Florida Visit is Nov 26 — Dec We also stock a range of figurative Buckeey full sextape cast from some lovely models we have worked with over the years. These include life size and miniature bronzes and fibreglass pieces. Shipping Worldwide.

Close-up of female legs with plaster cast. a woman with a broken leg sits on a chair

Shop For Sculptures. Give the gift that keeps on giving! We create bespoke gift vouchers for any amount you want to give Warframe how to get mirage personalised text and greetings. Vouchers are either to get any casting done or buy a sculpture from our shop. Customise Your Voucher.

Find Out More. We supported the Free The Nipple Brighton march for equality by sticking nipple magnets all over town! Cum sociis natoque penatibus et Ella woods freeones.

The World Leading Lifecasting Studio. World Leading Lifecasting Studio.

Latest News…. Phone now! Made Directly From Your Body. Any Parts You Like.

In Many Different Materials. Figurative Sculptures For Sale.

Gift Vouchers Available. A Brief History of Genitals. Free The Nipple Brighton We nipple-bombed the city!!