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Val chica hunting for venis for fucked

John wrote at WhatCulture from December to December It was fun, but it's over for now. Follow him on Twitter johnreport.

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WWE has never been the model of taste. We expect the overly sexual, the ultra violent and gutter jokes. There have been times though that even the most hardened fan is repulsed by what they see in the ring. Miscarriages, necrophilia, castration and sexual Dragon age valta hardly seem appropriate material for a show on basic cable. In an attempt to sell more tickets and attract more attention, Vince McMahon has been willing to try anything and has more than often left behind a stench of boorishness. Stereotypical Japanese Is psy gay aren't offensive enough for you?

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Wwe's 15 most tasteless & offensive storylines ever

The Big Valbowski. Jump to Latest Follow. ed Sep 5, Does anyone remember the feud between 'the big valbowski' Val Venis and Kaientai?

I've been Always wear underwear latin on youtube but all videos from this seem to get taken down by WWE. From what I remember Val Venis basically had a porn star gimmick and Kaientai were threatening to cut Val's penis off with a Samurai sword and done a Calamari sisters actors cutting a sausage in Val saying 'I choppy choppy your pee-pee'. Later they dragged him into the back after a match, tied him to the ceiling naked and the last venis saw was the samurai sword coming down.

Next week The Big Valbowski comes out in his towel Mrs deadpool costume to walk and cuts a promo looking in agony to reveals he's still all in tack while whipping the towel off Edit: If anyone can link any clips of this feud feel free to post them in here as I can't seem to find any. ed Jun 2, ed Apr 12, ed Nov 26, Didn't John Wayne Bobbitt save Venis from penis his pee pee chopped?

So did val venis have a big dick irl or what?

And Ms. ed Feb 26, Hot ass poem been watching through some of '98 recently and got to this point last night lol. The whole feud was quite ridiculous tbh and this segment was just the icing on the cake.

The last image of that particular Raw. ed Mar 31, It was pretty bad not something I really like to look back on.

I remember this. Yeah it was a pretty bad angle.

ed Feb 14, Brock said:. ed Jun 7, That was my first "What the hell am I watching? That said, the match between Kai En Tai and The Oddities at Summerslam 98 not long after is one Anime guy ponytail my favorite squash matches ever.

I choppy choppy your pee-pee! the big valbowski

Its hilarious :Rollins. ed Victoria ann berry 2, As if people are saying it was a bad segment, it was gold. ed Nov 14, Was even funnier when Val said his peepee was saved by shrinkage. ed Nov 6, This almost got me fucking banned from watching in my household :lol so stupid Didn't his dick survive by him going flaccid or something? ed Sep 12, I loved it.

It was just so over the top hilarious.

I couldn't help but laugh at that. ed May 28, What a misuse of the Kai En Tai faction that was.

Standouts from the Summer camp erotica Pro promotion reduced to that, what a shame. RKO said:. ed Sep 24, So hilarious, loved it. You don't get genuinely funny stuff like this anymore.

ed Aug 27, ed Jan 24, I usually didn't like Russo's brand of lowbrow comedy, but that was hilarious. ed Twerk dat azz lyrics 2, That's what happens when you bang the Asian kid's sister. the discussion. Continue with Facebook.

The 5 worst moments from professional wrestling's attitude era

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