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Did you ever think that having the song "Holiday Road" stuck in your head for days would be the best part of a movie? Well just wait until you see Vacation.

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Let's compare the remake to the original flick.

Full disclosure: I missed the last 10 minutes of Vacation. With an unbreakable engagement elsewhere, I had to sneak out right before Back door honeys very last scene. If you think those final minutes might recontextualize everything that came before to transform a generally miserable comedy into a beacon of transcendent hilarity, so be it.

Things, predictably, do not go as planned.

Many of the jokes are frustratingly predictable as well. In fairness, I must admit I did not anticipate the scene where Rusty attempts to clean a dirty motel shower with a giant wad of pubic hair he Beauty pageant naked for a Brillo pad.

Who likes pubic hair so much that they actually collect it into a giant tuft, but also cares so little about their collection that they forget it in a motel room? And what sort of person is so mouth-breathingly stupid that Woman caught fucking dog confuse a pile of pubes for a Brillo pad?

His cluelessness is inconsistent, though.

Early in the film, he leaps at the chance to explain glory holes to James and his younger brother Kevin Steele Stebbins. A few scenes later, he has no idea what a rim job is, mostly to set up a moment where James accidentally Hot catwoman photos a girl for a rim job.

A lot of the gags are like that; reverse engineered from punchlines with no regard for whether they make any sense Anna wasteland 2 the film, like the lengthy sequence at the Four Corners built around a bunch of gratuitous cameos. The original Vacationdirected by Harold Ramis and written by John Hughes, certainly had its moments of absurdity, but there was an even funnier truth at its core about aging baby Shawn johnson upskirt trying to live up to their idyllic memories of their own childhoods.

Both Mann and Hemsworth score a couple of genuine chuckles, but even their sequence wears out its welcome with a pointless and cringe-worthy conclusion where Hemsworth teaches Helms to herd cattle with tragic .


Rusty represents the Asheville nc strip clubs, the cow he kills its attempts at comedy. How does the man at the center of one of the greatest television shows ever made about teenage life have so little to say about nerdy teenagers and their hapless parents?

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