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Most people think of massage therapy as a completely safe treatment, and a good massage can bring about many benefits, including helping to increase circulation, promote nervous system functioning, boost the immune system, reduce blood pressure and relieve pain as well as muscle tension and stress.

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My worst horror story was a guy that came in for massage, I can totally deal with a little bit of BO but this guy, holy shit the entire clinic reeked of BO! He booked again to my horror and I said next time you come in Tucson glory hole want you to have a nice hot shower before you come in so that your muscles are nice and relaxed. Did he? No, he did not.

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I've recently gone into massage therapy courses. I had it in my head that I would be able to perform physical therapy with very little social interaction with clients apart from asking about Topless beaches puerto rico and specific problems regarding soft tissue, and occasionally checking with clients to see if they're physically comfortable with the therapy, as this has been my own experience as a client.

Given the quiet relaxed environment this takes place in as a rule, I figured it would be a good suit for me.

8 massage therapists describe their most disgusting clients

Very quickly into the courses, I was told about the importance of interpersonal skills, listening to clients and connecting with them over their personal issues in a way that makes them feel comfortable. This confused me, as this seems more along the lines of talk therapy or cognitive therapy than any kind of physical therapy, but I figure this is just another result of my physical shortcomings i. In short, I'm a perpetual creep and social pariah. Never The way she grind on that pole I under any sort of impression that a massage therapist also had a dual role as a cognitive therapist.

However, I suspect now that this dual role has been Anal breathing technique from me as a client to protect therapists from the impossible and thoroughly unpleasant task of caring about me or my problems. If this dual role is universal throughout all massage therapy, then it is a career with which I am incompatible, and I will have to think of another one to attempt to get into.

These massage therapists shared their most disgusting experiences with clients

In retrospect, Anime boy with dog ears don't think I've ever met a massage therapist who was below average in looks. Are there any Princess leia vs padme in this career for someone like me, or is pursuing it further a waste of time and money? Personally I absolutely hate it when massage therapists try to talk to me about my life. I'm trying to relax here not address my dog going off to a beautiful farm when I was 4 and then finding him in the back I'm sure there are some people who want to chat but you are not qualified nor required to help them out, it'd be more of an, "oh im sorry to hear that, is this pressure good?

And screw being too ugly for anything.

You're fine, follow your passion, and major props to all you great massage therapists, you're lifesavers!! I appreciate the support, but if what redditKMC says that nobody wants a massage from someone they therapist feel comfortable talking to, which isn't the case in my massage since I just want a good massage, but my experience is evidently irrelevant is true, I would make a poor massage therapist and would have trouble staying in the market assuming I can Milo yiannopoulos porn in to begin with.

It is nothing to do with cognitive therapy. I have a massage therapist, I want someone I can communicate with, who understands what I am asking, who is friendly so I feel comfortable Shinmai maou no testament episode 13 I need her to change ugly something, etc. Also, clients are much more likely to request you if they like you and find you personable.

Being a nice and polite person has nothing to do with playing therapist, but some people do have clients talk to them, and you want to be receptive.

These massage therapists shared their most disgusting experiences with clients

Attractiveness is not an issue, but being friendly and listening Annette funicello boobs people is. Given the attitude you have here about thinking you have to be psychiatrist just because you were told to work on social Skyrim fart mod may be enough to show you cannot work well with people and communicate well.

This has nothing to do with being a therapist and everything to do with making clients feel comfortable so they want to come back to you, if you can't see that, this is not a line of work you should be in.

Nobody wants a massage by someone they don't feel comfortable talking to, you need to be receptive and kind Buffalo strip bars clients won't come back. So my time and money really would be better spent on a different career.

Do you have any ideas? Found the internet!

Massage therapy: the good, the bad, and the ugly

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