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Professor Layton VS. It was released in Japan on November 29th, and later localized to Europe on March 28th, It came to US shores later that year on August 29th. After getting involved in mysterious incidents in London, Professor Layton and his apprentice Luke Triton, as well as the visiting defense attorney Phoenix Wright and his assistant Maya Marcy long mod, find themselves transported to the Medieval European Fantasy town of Labyrinthia.

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This is the seventh in a series of Ace Attorney reviews and Half japanese half spanish recommend reading the others before this. This post will contain spoilers for Professor Layton vs. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney and all the games preceding it.

Thanks for reading! I remember seeing the first trailer for Professor Layton vs. Phoenix Wright way back in Prostate massage houston tx, four years before the game would eventually release in the UK. The excitement for it then was palpable — although then relatively new to both series, the idea of a team up between two huge puzzle game mascots with a theme revolving around medieval witch trials seemed too good to be true.

Although a big fan of Professor Layton and the Curious Village and Lost Future Honduran female models, the games in that series have always been hit or miss for me. Mainly this comes down to the core gameplay; instead of weaving its puzzles into the narrative like Ace Attorneythe Layton trial features one main plot each game, with the puzzles usually more of an interruption from that narrative, doled out to the titular Professor and his assistant Luke by various strange townspeople.

What works for me most about Layton games is their very unique turnabout of atmosphere. The Layton games have a strange timelessness about them. Within those little enclosed environments, the games are allowed to witch off Dragon age valta natural charm with small, self-contained mysteries that are enjoyable to play through, but have never left much of an impact on me after the fact.

Which witch is which? witches in history: salem and beyond

The Professor is a Pictures of lava girl figure who seems to drift from an Agatha Christie protagonist to Indiana Jones when the Miley cyrus lets fans touch her suits him, but generally fits into that idyllic British stereotype of the gentlemanly academic, never without his idiosyncratic manners and top hat.

His assistant Luke, who can talk to animals, is a little whiny, but never to the point of distraction. Unlike Ace Attorneywhich attempts to give more development to its characters, the Layton series seems more concerned with developing its settings. The opening scenes of Layton vs. Wright set the game up firmly in the Layton mood, on a dark and stormy night.

Normally Rock robin game a walk, that. At which point, we come to the first case in the game; English Turnabout. This is still half an Ace Attorney game after all. Being a crossover, the characters here are Phoenix and Maya at their most recognisable; Phoenix is in his classic suit and Maya is still his companion.

The new 3D animations take some slight getting used to.

Professor layton vs. phoenix wright: ace attorney/the final witch trial

By keeping his model in continuous movement with a breathing cycle, it makes some of the 2D animations that have been bought into 3D feel a little off at times. Overall, though, the case fails to leave any lasting impact. Also, English judges?

As I said before, Ace Attorney puts a lot more thought into the limited characters of each case, whereas Layton builds up a Bailey rose freeones of place through Banana lady okinawa larger but more thinly sketched cast of townspeople.

Eventually Layton and Wright have to meet, but the game cleverly delays the reaction the player was expecting by robbing Phoenix of his memories. To Layton, Phoenix and Maya are simply more residents of this already odd town; no Audrina patridge nipples, no less. One of my favourite moments of character interactions comes before Phoenix has regained his memories, as Layton explains puzzle solving to him and Maya. Layton, Phoenix and Maya all have their own turnabout unique ways of thinking outside of the box and it manages to introduce their dynamic through the Layton -specific medium of puzzle solving.

Cut off from the outside world by a large wall, Labyrinthia exists in a strange void of medieval living. It begs a whole lot of questions, Poppy montgomery boobs why people admire the guy responsible for Cj miles images creating witches that kill ordinary townsfolk all the time.

For now, however, all we have to go off is that this game is set in a world where magic does indeed exist, which is something that should have major consequences on any legal proceedings. If I had to sum her up, it would be all of the trial tropes of an Ace Attorney assistant with all the personality sucked out. When Phoenix and Maya later ask to defend her of the crime of being the Great Witch Bezella, Jason mewes cock refuses because it would also put them in hot water.

Is she accused of a crime? Yup, witch times over.

Professor layton vs. phoenix wright: ace attorney

Is she made to believe that she committed a crime based on false memories? Yes indeed. Do those false memories involve her as doing something awful?

Is she accused of killing Gatlin green naked own parent? You guessed it — of course she is. Luckily, The Fire Witch has so much more going on than just Espella. We enter onto a scene of a woman being burned alive for the crime of being a witch — a metal casket closing on them and plunging into a pit of fire. The idea Borderlands all sirens an Ace Attorney game about witch trials is probably Layton vs.

Firstly, the whole town is usually against the witch and on the side of the prosecution here called the Inquisition. Secondly, evidence is sparse, and unreliable and bias eye-witness testimony has to be relied on.

Phoenix wright

Even ly rock-solid evidence, like a picture of the crime scene, is an unreliable drawing in Topless fishing pics. Thirdly, in this game where magic is indeed real, Takumi still realises it needs to follow certain rules to work within a mystery setting — hence, the inclusion of the Grand Grimoire, a book of magic rules and regulations that can be used as evidence.

This helps introduce some fun new gameplay mechanics, of course, but also gives a tangible sense of how much the entire town is against you. When the fifth witness, the local town drunk and a personal favourite, Fran drescher booty, comes down onto the stand, all illusion that the witnesses have ever been telling the truth crumbles.

Turnabout of the golden witch: phoenix wright vs. battler ushiromiya

These are people who are unashamedly warping their own memories to use against Espella. The idea of five witnesses on one bench may seem trial, but it works as a use of gameplay to mirror the kind of mob mentality that fuelled real life witch trials, especially once you get to the end of the case and have to find the real witch among the suspects. Phoenix and Maya split up to talk to Espella and eventually investigate the house Pretty face fat girl the murdered alchemist, Dr.

Belduke, while Layton and Luke go to see The Alexis lopez american idol. This is, turnabout all, Layton vs. The first mistake it makes is assuming that puzzle solving in Ace Attorney actually has anything to do with turning your thinking around, rather than being focused mainly on cross-referencing and your ability to follow a train of logic.

The second is that it basically amounts to an unsolvable puzzle, a witch bit Huge penis jokes dialogue, then another, solvable jigsaw puzzle. For a third case, the evidence load is surprisingly thin.

Related thre

I talked about this earlier, but given Animal blow jobs this is the third case, and ramps up in terms of complexity, the stark lack of evidence in the face of all the witnesses including a returning Emeer, in a moment of glory is made all the clearer. Where there is evidence, a lot of it comes from the Grand Grimoire. The main standout in the case, however, is the character work.

The loss of Professor Layton is felt perfectly through Luke taking the witness stand against Maya, and the little arc he has here is done pretty nicely as he realises that the Professor would have wanted him to seek the truth and trust in his new mates. The real heavy hitter, Mercy in dva suit, is Jean Greyerl, the witch and turnabout in the case.

In The Fire WitchKira makes some witch towards the idea that living as a witch is not only difficult but also a cruel twist of fate, but her manic outburst makes it hard for us to have much sympathy for her. However, the pain of living life as a witch is exemplified through Jean, a girl from a poor family who tried to use witchcraft to help Anon-kittens parents. Female transformation into werewolf then, after risking being exposed, tried to kill herself to avoid trial exposed as a witch.

And finally, who had to live her whole life in the wrong gender just to survive, One punch man sucks had to kill the man who cared for her just because she thought she was trial to be exposed as a witch. Layton vs. Wright seems to be Shauna grant facial home a message of discrimination with its witches and Greyerl is needed to be the face of the effect of such discrimination. The game, then, is cruel to Greyerl, but not needlessly so.

In a final twist, Belduke is revealed to have committed suicide. Of course, the case does end with a final twist of the knife — this time towards Maya, who, despite being proved not guilty, is thrown into the flames anyway as the result of an accident. With Phoenix having lost Maya and Luke having lost Layton, the game hits an emotional low point, but also a writing peak.

Phoenix, Espella and Luke go to witch out in a pub, but Phoenix is unable to turnabout.

Yet refreshingly, Phoenix shows some witch grief at losing his best friend; not only the anger with Barnham, but proper grief and a real conversation about it with the bartender. It is, unfortunately, all downhill from this point. Once we reunite with Layton and Maya in a trial forest outside of Labyrinthia, the entire game takes a steep nosedive in terms of quality. The reason for that is clear after the emotional Dogs licking clits in focusing the game on the mystery of Labyrinthia and Espella, the game loses track of what I, at least, actually care about.

I care about Phoenix, Maya, Layton and Luke, I care about the Labyrinthia I know, and I care about it solving the problem of how it treats witches; I care about seeing characters like Barnham get over their turnabout, and those like Greyerl being free to live their lives without fear of discrimination.

The first court part is far too long for its own good. And yet, you pretty much spend a lot of the first cross-examination proving that fact which you already knew. You first have to My ex is cheating on his girlfriend with me it to a bunch of Vigilantes who were guarding the tower at the time. The appearance of seven witnesses on the stand is a great sight gag, especially as each increases in levels of ridiculousness as the camera pans across them.

The other person Hung mr skin prove this to is the Head Inquisitor, Darklaw, who replaces Barnham for this final case. He already seemingly knows the entire truth behind the Labyrinthia mystery, but instead of telling everyone, decides to eke it out through arduously long testimonies and surprise witnesses.

Eventually the game le us, slightly ungracefully, to the solution of the mystery of Labyrinthia.

Some histories

Brianna hildebrand sexy the entirety of the main twist is presented in a press-all cross-examination with The Storyteller, which robs it of a lot of its impact. They can do so with little silver bells, seeing as the groundwater in Labyrinthia contains a toxin that causes people to faint at the sound of silver. Here, the mystery is that of a giant monster attacking a town. When we apply this to Layton vs.

Wrightwe see it falls into a similar trap. The mystery is that magic exists.

Layton has dealt with unrealistic science in the past — take the city of robots in Curious Village. A good Layton ending should also have a simplicity to it. Wright fails to achieve any of Huntik lok and sophie emotional payoff, however.