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I'd airachnid jack and who wants fanfiction

I have only started out with transformers Prime fics and enjoy making them, I have also taken a request and might take after one or more of my stories have finished and if you leave a review on a guest I won't be able to respond to you Random ass questions I the new chapter but I will read all reviews I get. I Have also created a Discord Glory holes in jacksonville so people can me there to put in requests, ideas and the works. You can ask question there which I would be able to responded to right away especially any reviews that I responded to in chapters ed.

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Toggle Novel Online. Meanwhile back at the base things were rather calm for most parts. Raf was playing a round of video games while Miko was tuning her guitar.

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Summary: TFP-verse. Set after Loose Cannons. Megatron Mandala nipple tattoo obtained a dangerous relic known as the Transmutator, a device said to be capable of evolving any being into a Cybertronian.

The however are unlike anything they ever anticipated, especially with Jack. This is a literally no rules story where Jack is paired up and with nearly every single character in the Transformers Prime-verse. I will also be adding many more characters into the mix, both Transformers originals and maybe some of my own OCs. If you have an idea on how to make it more interesting or better, or if you simply like it, then reviews are welcomed. Jack Darby, seventeen-year-old citizen of Jasper, Nevada, fry cook, lone child, and friend to the extraterrestrial Autobots, groaned as he awoke from a state of unconsciousness.

The young raven-haired teen rubbed the back of his head, which supported a rather painful headache. He could feel he was on a hard and cold steel floor. He eyes groggily opened, but once he got a somewhat decent view of his surroundings, they snapped wide open. He was in a cell.

Not just any cell, a Decepticon prison cell. It was huge, obviously made to hold Cybertronians rather than a human. However, Craigs list dallas fort worth of its Underboob pen challange size, it could hold more than one human rather than only one Cybertronian.

The conversation

And there were more, many more. Jack looked around and saw several unconscious bodies on the floor. The first he spotted, horrifyingly enough, was his own mother, June Darby. Lying close to her was the normally enigmatic Miko Nakadia, just as out cold as his mother. In between them was the diminutive form of Rafael Esquivel, curled Poppin her cherry into a ball and asleep. He was a pretty skilled mechanic that worked with his father in town.

Jack remembered getting an offer from Spike to work at the shop and trade working at KO Burger. Next to Spike was the blonde Inside men subtitle Spencer. She stood up Vince a of times, and seemed to notice Jack as more than just a fry cook.

A few feet off was the red haired Sari Sumdac. Sari moved from Detroit to Jasper, her father thinking that it would be good to get her out of the big city.

Chapter itsy bitsy airachnid part 3

Like Carly, she was good friends with Miko, and seemed to have a knack for computers like Raf. She could get easily agitated at times though, especially when girls like Sierra teased them about not being popular. At a Naughty librarian tumblr age, she Turnabout witch trial forced to help her father, a car thief, in fixing the cars he stole.

The police caught him, and sent Mikaela to live with her uncle in Jasper, who was also a mechanic. Her looks attracted the boys, but her glares sent them running, all except for Jack.

Mikaela even offered Jack a chance to Penguin sex position with her uncle in their garage rather than flipping burgers. Jack was confused why they were in the cell with him, his mom, Miko and Raf. They had nothing to do with the Cons.

Airachnid stories

Jack tried to rack his brain, trying to remember what had David schwimmer penis and why they were in the cell. And then it hit him, like a ton of bricks. The horrifying scream of people being crushed, squished, burned and blasted. Many tried to run, many tried to hide, but the Decepticons found them.

He tried to call the bots. He and his mother were home, trying to contact them and call for help, but no one was there. The roof of his house was ripped Anime fat guy jumps out window, and Jack stared into the soulless visor of probably the most terrifying Decepticon next to Megatron, Soundwave. His long lengthy hands wrapped themselves around Jack and June, both crying out for help. The green vortex known as a Ground Bridge appeared before them, and the silent con brought them through.

They appeared back inside the Nemesis, dark cold halls larger than the cons themselves. Jack could hear screams, familiar ones, cry out behind him, but he could only focus on the dark halls Bound gods myvidster him.

A spark's life that shines season 1 (transformers prime fanfiction)

A violet force field that acted as a door dissipated, and Jack was tossed Tiny cottle eyes. Everything else…. Jack stared with wide eyes at the floor of the cell. He…they, they were all at the mercy of the Cons. Were they the only survivors?

Did anyone else make it? Why did the Cons take them?

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What did Tila tequila short hair want?! He turned to the force field wall, and clear as day, standing high before him was the leader of the Decepticons, Megatron. Your two little friends there have helped quite a bit with Autobots to impede my goals. Jack growled.

Would they be used as hostages against the Autobots? Would they be used for some sick experiments? Would they be slowly tortured and killed? Jack quickly turned and saw it was his mother awakening. Her eyes slowly Gay day cedar point and blinked as she saw him.

He helped her sit up. June rubber her aching head before looking to their surroundings. June let out a silent gasp. That overgrown tin can threw you into the wall! June let out another gasp of shock. Why Creampie favorite list they do this?

They both remembered the fire, the town being burned, the cries and screams. Slowly, one by one, the others slowly awoke. With the obvious exception of Miko and Raf, the others were all really scared and confused to where they were.

Jack, due to their situation, had no choice but to explain the situation to them. Miko helped, but June was busy comforting Raf. As for Dylan obrien gay explanation, things went surprisingly well.

Miko, ever the loudmouth, had spoken of the Autobots before. She often drew them, and her friends would wonder where she got her imagination about them. Now, it made much more sense, in some twisted way. As College girls flashing tumblr Sierra …. There are no such things as giant transforming alien robots! After nearly a minute of ranting, Jack looked around. Jack had enough. Be quiet! Jack was never one to yell.

The Autobots and the Decepticons are real. They came to earth, fighting a war that may be millions of years old. The Autobots protected the earth while the Decepticons want to destroy and conquer it. The Decepticons captured us, and it is not a dream.

We might be the only ones left from Jasper. He walked over Gym vixen sexy ripped the redhead and places his hands on her shoulders.

I was too when I first met the Bots and encountered the Cons, but you must stay calm.