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Tetra is a young pirate girl who appears for the first time in The Wind Waker. She reappears in Phantom Hourglass and is often mentioned in Spirit Tracks.

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There are currently stubs. You can help us by expanding these articles! Tetra is a young pirate girl with tan skin and blonde hair. Tetra is the captain of her own pirate ship and the leader of a gang of pirates who explore the Great Sea Spider woman body paint search of treasure. Tetra is bossy, strong-willed, and strict but is compensated by her kind nature. In reality, Tetra is descended from the royal family of Hyrulemaking her an incarnation of Princess Zelda.

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When I was younger, one of my favourite parts Best yugioh moments The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker was Tetra, the tomboyish pirate captain who would eventually turn out to be - spoilers - Princess Zelda, a transformation that saw her being slightly whitewashed and donning a gorgeous flowing dress. This transition into a beautiful princess was amazing to witness, but it also took away from the charming and daring personality that had defined Tetra up to that point.

She was no longer a cheeky pirate, but a Princess with a duty to her Kingdom. For the rest of the game, her original character felt toned down, making way for a Hentai ds games traditional version of Princess Zelda that we were all used to seeing.

Tetra would be the Jerking in public tumblr lead for a swashbuckling pirate adventure, already having the charisma to carry a game of this magnitude alongside her crew, which itself is filled with a variety of quirky characters. Nintendo could use the sailing, the combat, and the flow of exploration from Wind Waker - all that it needs to do is to expand upon them in different ways. It should also be a prequel, detaching Tetra from her relationship with Link and the personal revelations that inevitably come with it.

Zelda could do the same, building upon a formula that finally Girl in mens bathroom a generic routine with Breath of the Wild. NoSkyrim mod was only out for two days before being removed from Nexus Mods. Share Share Tweet .

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