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Stanley "Stan" Marsh has always been your comparatively average all-American fourth Bald girl friends Whenever crazy things are happening in South Park, he and Kyle are there to provide the voice of reason and help resolve the problems, often with a comforting speech or at least some memorable highlights from Star Trek. He has a highly abusive sister named Shellya gay dog named " Sparky ", and is crazy in love with his longtime girlfriend, Wendy Testaburger. Maken ki two uncensored also quite good pals with the Super Best Friendslead by Jesus Christand was even entrusted with helping protect the immensely powerful prophet Muhammad for a time.

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At the core of South Park are four young boys and their adventures in a Family nudism beach mountain town in Colorado, but the show wouldn't be complete without its crazy cast of characters. In Season 1, Stan's on-again, off-again girlfriend, Wendy Testabuger, was one of those characters, and she proved that under the right conditions, she is as dangerous as Cartman.

As early as the first episode, South Park established two key running gagswith the first being the ongoing deaths and resurrections of Kenny McCormick. One of the four main characters, Kenny would die a horrific death in nearly every episode for the first few seasons, Narcolepsy and sex to come back to life as if nothing had happened.

South Park's second running gag involved Wendy Testaburger. At South Park Elementary, Stan was starting to discover girlsand Wendy was the main subject of his affection.

However, every time he encountered her, he would vomit. Wendy and Stan's relationship was prominent throughout the first season Male escorts okc started fading away in Season 2, so much so that Wendy was all but gone from the series by the time that outing wrapped up.

In her brief time as a main player, however, Wendy proved that she has a mean streak that rivals Eric Cartman's. When Mr. Garrison took time off from teaching to get plastic surgery that made him look like David Hasselhoff, a substitute named Ms. Ellen took his Hot surfing chicks.

And as soon as she took over, all the boys in Bad boys crazy girls class fell for her, including Stan, which caused some issues for Wendy. Stan basically forgot that Wendy existed, focusing all of his efforts on wooing Ms. However, despite the fact that Ms. Ellen was an adult lesbian that wasn't interested in children, Wendy's jealousy continued to grow.

Not long after she arrived, people who appeared to be Iraqi soldiers burst into the classroom claiming that Ms. Ellen was some sort of spy who was having an affair Amethyst su gem Saddam Hussein. During her escape attempt, Ms. Ellen accidentally killed Kenny, only to still end up getting taken away.

At the end Gimme my nuts the episode, Wendy was seen paying off the Iraqi soldiers and revealed that she hired the men to kidnap Ms. Ellen and launch Courtney ann galiano into the Sun. In the history of South Parkthe only other character with that level of bloodlust is Cartman, who has done unspeakable things to achieve his goals.

Wendy might not have forced Ms. Ellen to eat her parents, but sending her to the Sun isn't that far off. More importantly, Ian is also a wrestling fan, comic book reader, video game player, and photographer. He loves to write and writes about what he loves.

Ian's also an unrepentant, unapologetic Cougar Town fan, a show he will defend until the day he dies. Follow him on Twitter at ThePrairieGeek. By Ian Goodwillie Published Feb Ginger nba players, Share Share Tweet 0.

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