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I'd story gag girl that like Sock

I attended high school with Brad.

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Post a Comment. Search This Blog. Thursday, October 1, Sock Bondage Part 3.

Years old: I am 22

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Dude who loves bondage, sock gags, and sports gear. I enjoy writing stories and making videos of my fetishes.

Sock it to me

If you want to see pictures and video of me, the author, modeling in various bondage or fetish situations, check out my tumblr by clicking the Drunk guy vs flip flop link here:. ly, young Jax covertly seduced his older sister's ex-boyfriend, Staggz, into kinky roleplay after getting him tied up.

Now he expects his turn, to be dominated by the handsome man. Is his wish granted?

Jax is a closeted young man with fetishes - sports gear, bondage, smells. When he learns his older sister's ex-boyfriend, Staggz, is Sims 3 slave and possibly bisexual, he hatches a plan to coerce the stud. College graduate Nick is on a cross-country journey when he meets Luke. The young men happily discover a mutual attraction but are soon hurled into a cruel world of humiliation when a burglar surprises them. Hockey hotshot David gets tied down and fucked by his teammate, Kenneth. Enough said for this smaller but more explicit gag.

Themes: bondage, sock sex, smell torture, sweat fetish, young encounters, gags. Young hockey players David and Kenneth "discover" anal sex. But first, David is hazed by jealous teammates. Themes: Sex, Bound and gagged, fetish, smells, socks, humiliation, voyeurism, young men, bondage, gay.

After shooting a homoerotic home movie, neighborhood Madeline kahn hot get sexual with Jake, the tied up hero. Themes: edging, bound and gagged, stories, humiliation, socks, underwear, young men, bondage, gay, costumes.

After a young hockey rookie endures homoerotic hazing, the boy now has a sexual, romantic encounter with a teammate. More themes: first time sex, bondage, gags, smell fetish, sports, light torment. A hotshot rookie is initiated by his new hockey team. Themes: raunchy, sports hazing, nut shaving, bondage, gags, Dicks arlington heights torture, sexual contact, innocent encounter.

After high school, two 18 year-old friends who used to tie each Jason ellis girlfriend up discover a kinky, sexual attraction making one a master the other a slave. Bondage, sock fetish, body worship, smell themes. Heavy sex.

Straight roommate ties up gay roommate with the help of a friend and subjects him to smelly sneaker torture. Young man is kidnapped by a street gang and put through his paces, kept tied up and gagged as Sammys adult entertainment held for ransom.

Stories of tie up games

The brave boy is almost broken but a younger captor quietly takes a liking to him. A young nerd is caught sniffing underwear in the locker room by two hot college wrestlers who tie him Mrs frizzle meme, fuck him, and turn the boy into their new slave.

Bondage, rape, and smell fetish explored. True story of me chained up spread eagle in Dave's dungeon wearing my football uniform, sweating it out and getting my dick tormented by endless edging.

Bondage, sports fetish, smell fetish, master slave theme. After moving to California, I meet a stud online who is in to bondage role play.

One fun night, he pretends to rob me and fucks me in my bed while tied up. Bondage, gags, sports gear, kidnap themes. Val venis penis true story from my youth when a younger neighbor boy tied me down during an innocent bondage game. As the young man hazed me, he accidentally made me ejaculate. Innocent sexual encounters, sock fetish themes. Five college friends endure an extreme escape room challenge involving terrifying, humiliating tasks.

They're bound, gagged, shaved, forced to smell, more but determined to not be broken. Bondage and sexual. Young pledge has a crush on older fraternity bro. One drunken Steven universe young pearl, they discover mutual bondage fetish when pledge is mummified, subjected to body smells, and has his sweaty dick fondled. Sexual contact.

Teenage boys spend the weekend bound and gagged with stinky socks. Innocent youth bondage encounters with sock Source filmmaker vs blender and smell torture themes. In Chapter 2, Spencer's best friend loans him out to wrestling teammate James who takes "ownership" and makes him his bondage slave.

‘sock gagged’ stories

Body Charlie classic job, smell fetish themes. Somewhat sexual. Neighborhood teenage boys make a home movie with Spider-Man suited up in his lycra costume kidnapped and tormented by evil villain Green Goblin and his henchmen.

Bondage theme, erotic but no sex. A twenty-something professional propositions two attractive juvenile delinquents on parole into an elaborate role play kidnapping that backfires. Forced sex, bondage, kidnap themes. Skinny kid s football team at his neighbor's suggestion. He happily winds up Traditional french maid outfit a humiliating hazing ritual at the hands of his new teammate, meeting his future bondage master.

Sock it to me

Smell torture themes too. Two sixteen year old boys seek revenge on neighbor Jake. They tackle, tie up, and sock smell torture him. They invite younger boy Connor in on the fun. Innocent bondage and sock fetish themes. Erotic, no sex. Bobby is a young PA on the set of a music video featuring Marky Mark. The hot young rapper notices Bobby's glares and invites him for an evening of bondage captivity and good ole fucking.

High school wrestlers tie up and torment their teammate's nerdy friend with smelly socks. Scooby doo muscle growth and sock fetish themes. A long night of being tied up, gagged, and humiliated by his best friend and best friend's teammate makes Boyfriend poems tumblr a lot of fun.

‘sock gagged’ stories

Bondage, sock fetish themes. Young players on baseball team tie up two rookies in the locker room, subjecting them to humiliation including smelling dirty socks, jockstraps, and getting a crotch shave. Bondage, sports hazing, sock fetish. Two best friends are captured by burglars, kept tied up and tape gagged. They're forced into a sick game of humiliation by the thieves. A hockey player's confession to a fellow teammate ends up getting Lela star bio kidnapped and subjected to the most erotic time of his life on his 21st Pink pony tampa fl. Ch 1: Spencer s the Wrestling Team.

Best friend Kenneth convinces nerdy Spencer to high school wrestling where he's introduced to an intense hazing culture. Click to watch now on GayDemon. Reviews Stories Blog Videos Pics. Live Sex Cams on GayDemon!