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Let me start off by saying that I love your work. I have recently downloaded and installed your updated Nouveau Nudist mod and it works splendidly in my game.

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Post by Kayleena ┬╗ December 25th,pm.

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I'm playing Sims 3. I have Nraas' master controller and the integration extension and velocitygrass' 'no mosaic' mod.

My sims used to shower naked, but at some point they decided to use their swimsuits or other clothes when Sitting on his face tumblr naked. I've tried googling and googling on how to use the master controller to change the nude outfit, but I cant figure out how to do it.

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I play the game in Finnish, so the instuctions aroud the web might get a little lost in translation. Do you have cc clothing?

Basically what the other comment said, it was flagged improperly. If it happens at this showersims will never be nude anyway.

* caution!

It's probably caused by cc, yeah. It's just that I don't know how to edit the nude outfit. I'd love to have like an "instructions for complete dummies for MC mod", haha!

On that note, I'm actually using that shower at all their bathrooms! Do you have mod cloths?

If so its because they are in the bathing category. Sorry I forgot to mention I play Sims 3!

Thanks for your reply though, I appreciate all the help. I too had this issue in Sims 3, usually it's due to faulty category tags on either CC or Nraas can do some hinky things if it's feeling Mujeres ense├▒ando la panocha.

* caution!

I found a site that suggests a possible solution. It looks like you need to have the sim change into the nude outfit and use Nraas to open CAS to change the outfit. I currently don't have Sims 3 installed otherwise I would try it myself. Female majin names me know if either of those things work and if not, I'll look around some more!

Thanks for the help! The issue is solved now, reason wasn't any of the above, but the outdoor shower Found the internet!

How can I edit nude outfit? All my sims bathe in their swimsuits.

Sims 3. Posted by 4 years ago.

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