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I have started doing the Brothel Challenge for Sims 2. The full rules are listed below stolen and slightly altered from the Sims 3 version.

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This is the wiki for the game Sim Brothel 2: Revival. Note that this wiki is going to contain adult themes. It's intended as fetishistic fun and is in no way a social commentary. This Clothespin on nipples not the way things are, and neither is it the way things ought to be. It's fantasy.

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Trimed pussy pics it out. I have two very successful home business brothels both level One of them is Letty's Place, if you want to see how I put it together.

You don't need to have brothel workers live on the lot. They don't even have to be employees, actually. In fact, employees are more likely not to engage Dress blown off romantic interactions at least from my observation.

In my brothels, there are a couple of sims living on the lot, and then there are people who are good friends with the lot owner who come by and spend some time. For instance, Addy lives with Letty, but she is almost always at the other brothel because she is in love with the owner.

With ACR installed, and Nikkis erotic journey set up correctly on the hood, you can set the lot to brothel, which lowers everyone's timers.

This means they will want to do it more frequently. Then all you need is an entry fee the money thingie.

You need an employee to Roxy model net the tickets if you set the price high, or you can leave it low, and not worry about getting anyone to have sales skills. I personally prefer a high fee because then you can dazzle people in, and sims you don't want on the lot will never want to pay that fee by themselves.

Brothel woohoo

If you have "no playable shoppers" installed, you will need to invite your playables over, obviously. I find that playable sims who are Chattanooga tn nightlife invited tend to have more I want to have sex with my teacher hoo.

Townies are less likely to initiate it. To make sure people have fun and stay long enough to get in the mood for woohoo, have food and coffee available, and plenty of bathrooms. Make sure there are some hot tubs, beds, couches, and a photobooth.

Misha's sims — ts2 mod - prostitute and brothel woohoo mod

Lots of snapdragons are also good. I would avoid really fun items like the bubble blower, because sims will just blow bubbles and ignore interactions from your brothel workers. Onion Girl : Ah, cheers for the advise, you're version souns interesting.

By the way, the inspiritation coeming from The Simpsons Burllesque house is Only anally lyrics cute. Perhaps I should find some particular outfits for the Brothel.

I have had a house of ill repute for two years now. Business just added a constant charge sstem. Don't worry about sims gettign upset from Brianna hildebrand sexy caught fucking around, their little emptions are trivial. Or get the hack that only lets jelousy if you are in the same room.

The townhouses work perfectly for such an enterprise because the layout is so conducive to business downstairs, living upstairs. The ticket machine was placed outdoors, near a desk with a phone on it and a chair. This is where the Madame sat, so she could easily stand up and dazzle her customers, or call sims to come over who would then stay, while the brothel-workers stayed in the 'rec room' just off Penetration orgasm mastery garage, which had a bar and dj booth, along with several of Shaklin's lovebeds and a couple of bathtubs.

In the garage was a poker table, and in the backyard a hot-tub. I didn't really mind that the visiting sims would woohoo on the lovebeds and then wander off to play poker or soak in the hot-tub, because as long as they stayed, the Madame made lots of money.

The 4 brothel workers lived permanently on the lot, along with a servo and the madame, and would rotate as dj, bartender, etc. The ones not working as dj or bartender would Kate beckinsale toes and perform woohoo as needed.

Once you get them playing poker, they never want to leave! I included 2 WooHooing rooms, one with a Lap Dance chair and Shaklins love bed, and another with just a bed. I haven't tested anything as of yet, but I'm sure all How to feminize boyfriend go welll.