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Its been 10 years after the third impact and the world has gone back to its former glory How to quickscope bo2 some things do c Its been 10 years after the third impact and the world has gone back to its former glory But some things do change overtime Shinji Ikari the third ch Shinji opened his eyes and saw an unfamiliar ceiling.

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Audiences first met Mari Illustrious Makinami in Evangelion: 2.

My age: I am 21
Ethnicity: I was born in Vietnam
My sex: Female
Sign of the zodiac: Libra
My figure features: My figure type is fat
I like to listen: Classical
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Story Author Community Forum. Bio Fav: Stories.

Kdrama of the day: ‘warm and cozy’: review, cast and ending

Told from Shinji's POV. Part two of two. Sequel to Scent of Your Destiny.

Another Andrew Hildreth adventure. On hold until further notice.

Same story format as it's predecessor. Reviews always welcome.

Rated 'M' for graphic violence, language and sexuality. Final chapter ed. A better summary is inside. Spoiler: it turns into a romance that involves Rei. Story complete. Sequel finally posted! It is Craigs list dallas fort worth no way related to Mercaba's story "The Gift". It was fun to write.

Hope you all enjoy! Rated M for language, sexual content, and some graphic violence. Many thanks to orionpax09 for his ideas!

It's broken 60K! I'm speechless! He also discovers that an attractive exchange student has a major crush on him. SxA lemon galore!

Mari's role in evangelion: + thrice upon a time

OoC out the wazoo. Finally updated and finished! I think it's pretty good. SR lemon. Rated M for strong language, graphic descriptions and sexual content.

Entire story updated! Chapters 4 and 5 are almost completely new! Rated M for strong language and sexual content.

Evangelion reborn

Done by request. Thanks to Olivia longott boyfriend who gave me ideas, you know who you are! Oneshot sequel to the Great War. Good lemon threeway action! Hope you like it.


Juicy lemon at the end. Desktop Mode.

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