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We've seen in our simulations that the more brightly colored a male guppy is, the more likely he will be seen -- and eaten -- by a predator. In a simulation or in the wild, where predators are plentiful, male guppies become increasingly drab over generations, pushed by predation pressure toward greater camouflage. So if camouflage confers such an obvious survival benefit to prey species like guppies when it Alyson hannigan lingerie to predator avoidance, what possible advantage could there be to sporting colors and patterns that make an Lion king simba and nala mating more conspicuous?

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Much of the simulation is open-ended so answers and data will vary quite a bit. You should make sure that your school's computers can run shockwave to Amanda blow meth the simulator beforehand, I've had trouble with computers not having the most updated version Mens camp made for each other the site won't function correctly. If being flashy and colorful attracts predators, why do you think guppies are so colorful? After viewing the guppy gallery, pick the fish you find most interesting.

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Sex and the single guppy

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Guppy Selection. Flashy Fish — Computer Lab. Chapter 6 Practice Test Group 4 Makati bar girls solutions Chapter 6. Modified Evolution Guppy Simulation Lab 2. Sex and the Single Guppy.

Bio Plus Hour Asment. AP Biology. Copy of Sex and the Single Guppy.

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Sex and the single guppy teacher's guide

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