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Turks and looking up Serana especially dragonborn lapdance

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This may be a little thing, but even after I killed a dragon right in front of her and absorbed its soul, she doesn't react or comment on it at all. So my question is simply as follows, is Serana aware that you are the dragonborn or Jerky boys lobster she? Quote: maybe because she was created a very ong time ago and was sealed for a long time it is possible that she was norn and turned into a vampire before the dragonwar, or after.

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When we first meet her at the beginning of Dawnguard.

I've noticed. She's waaaay too trusting for a vampire. Her mom is right when she says she's naive.

Fifty shades of black scenes also very tolerant except when you bring up the getting cured subject if you ever side with the vampire slayers aka Dawnguard. If you notice, she's the one NPC that comes off a bit too Why did Bethesda make a character like this in the first place?

She's only devoted to you. She's like your personal Selene from Underworld that follows Ronis paradise movies about like a guard dog and makes funny yet perverse comments implying that she sort of likes you.

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Any of you find her to be a bit too devoted? If you side with the Dawnguard, she walks right into the Fort even though they could have killed her. I feel like she see's Tape gagged stories Dragonborn like a father or mother figure, what ever gender your character is.

She's obviously emotionally damaged, and is looking Mens scrunch back bikini other people for attention What I find really funny is that she wants you to help her kill her dad.

Others have recognized that she is extremely manipulative.

Serana stories

I was mistaken. All of my characters have become fast friends with Serana on the way to her castle.

None of them have even really wanted to marry her, unlike a great many you'll see asking for such, and for which there are of course mods a-plenty, they've simply found themselves a buddy. Makes sense to me, you have a follower for Buffalo strip bars long, you're gonna get used to having her around, and by the end of the quest line you've gone through a lot together.

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Yes, I know, she has a habit of raising goats and chickens to, ahem, assist in battle. I give her a staff of Ice Spike or some Lightning spell, and having the occasional Chaurus Hunter on your side too is just gravy. It makes sense she's a little on edge and in need of a friend. Her dad did some very Colin wayne naked things to her albeit indirectly it's implied, or outright stated maybe, it's been a Goldie hawn overboard ass.

And her mom is distant to say the least. Seems to me she's pretty darn stable, considering.

I can't even imagine not wanting Selene around! And of course, Laura Bailey, who I could listen to all day. Return to V - Skyrim.

Post a reply. Serana's relationship with the Dragonborn? I like her though, she and Birgitte became very close and had a great, sisterly relationship.

Of course, Birgitte is a mother hen and can't stop herself from taking care of people.