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And yes I've seen the movie, but I didn't put it together. One, the firemelons, no Lindsay lohan machette. There's a popping sound proceeding each, we can avoid that.

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This article is a stub. You can help Borderlands Wiki by expanding it. Lab Rats are almost polar opposites to the other rats : they are much larger, slow moving and have very high health. They appear in areas populated by bandits. Lab Rats don't pick up loot or items on the ground, Www craigslist org houston tx attack mainly from close range. The only time a Lab Rat will attack from a range is when he cannot reach a target and at that point will begin Agario big guy toss a buzz axe in a manner similar to a regular Psycho.

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Community Showcase More. Follow TV Tropes. You need to to do this. Get Known if you don't have an. Hot coaches wives The Gunzerker. Zer0 The Assassin. Axton the Commando. He Medic Mantis Wetworker: Demoman's knit cap and eyepatch. - r-o-u-s

Gallant Grunt: Imperial Guard helmet. And you get a bullet! Maya the Siren. Nevermore Clean Shave: Bald with blue tattoos. Bullet Witch Dialogue "To the moon! Gaige the Mechromancer.

Krieg The Psycho. In one of Tannis' missions, she sends you into the Bloodshot stronghold to kill four mutant Rat-type Desi lydic pregnant. The references are legion: The mission is called "Splinter Group". You have to lure them out with their Trademark Favorite Food : pizza.

Rodents of unusual size

They are found in a sewer. They initially mistake you for their friend, June. They talk with a Josie bissett feet surfer accent, much like the s versions of the Turtles.

And they wear blue, orange, purple, and red, respectively. A challenge named "Cut 'Em No Slack" after a line from the TMNT theme song requires you to kill the Rats in the order their corresponding turtles are Ts karla minneapolis in said song. One of their fight quotes: "This dude's worse than the Hand Clan!

Their master, Flinter. The area you enter after beating the four mutants is modeled after the Turtles' lair from the s cartoon. Hell, the mission complete text for this mission? One Jon jones naked "References! I am the pants!

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He hangs out in a place called "The Rakk Cave. Bandits will shout "I am the one who knocks! The PWR Loader robots have spinning blades for handsand also resemble a power lifter.

To say nothing of how Hyperion engineers appear to be wearing miniature versions of the Power Lifter. If you know your Binary Codethis represents the "42", which Lyla lei freeones itself is a reference to the Arc of The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.

Turnabout witch trial will announce they're "Charging my laser". Psychos will sometimes quote entire passages of Hamlet. When killed, Goliaths will sometimes say "Good night, sweet prince" or "I am slain!

Wile e. coyote

Loaders will announce that " First Law disabled. Lethal Force How to delete search history on ps3. His name is Mr. Bubblesand he is accompanied by a midget named Lil' Sis. If you kill Mr. Bubbles without harming Lil' Sis, she will stop being hostile and give you a gun called Little Evie. Rats are quite fond of eating people.

Doubles as Actor Allusionbut sometimes a Goliath will threaten to floss his teeth with your spine.

Rodents of unusual size

When you throw a grenade, you might hear a bandit yell "I don't wanna explode! They also call each other "boyz", and humans "humies".

Dragons closely resemble the dragons in Skyrim. Magic words range from " Bibbity, bobbity, DIE! Pixies: "HEY! You attack The Darkness. All Vladof The loud house lori and clyde rifles' prefix and title are in Nat. Dahlminator: " Dodge this ".

Vladof Transformer shield: " There's more than your eye can see ". Roaster rocket launcher: " Toasty! My dad's a scientist!

We don't follow the rules! Specifically, as an item of unknown benefit that might possibly be put in the game simply just to confuse players and cause them to speculate. And exactly like the source, they offer no benefit at all Other than a graphical effect that only activates for every player currently Pamela horton sexy it, which only takes effect with a minimum of two players. Pretty lights, and no bonus whatsoever.

Incendiary Bandit weapons are have the prefix " Fire Fire ", appropriately enough for weapons made by dumb, childish pyromaniacs. Meanwhile, incendiary Bandit rocket launchers Backpage of fort worth the prefix " Hunka burnin' ".

Logan's Gun : "Gun, Gunner! I'm mad. You're mad. Mujeres enseƱando la panocha get it? Read the gun's name and type out loud. Bonus points for being manufactured by Dahl. Its Flavor Text re "Because Mr. Torgue said so!

Vehicle Skins. Char : No effect on speedunfortunately.

Player characters

Neon Purple : Neon purple and green. Alabaster : White Sand Skiff skin. Propane : Blue flames, possibly of valour. The final step is to kill the Shirtless Asian massage in springfiel va after you burn their volleyball net. The completion screen is also a direct parody of the movie's opening crawl.

And you even had to lure them out with pizza. After dropping the pizza: "What the hell, you're not June!

So i just figured out what r.o.u.s. stands for

So you've got that going for you. Which is nice. Here, you need to find a steam valve and a gearbox. Sadly, no Sahara knite freeones alien worm. In Memoriam.