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Brittney Smith is a famous American social media personality.

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Roman Atwood is a famous vlogger and online personality with over 20 million subscribers across two YouTube channels: RomanAtwoodVlogs and RomanAtwood. Born and raised in Ohio, Atwood has been producing video content sinceposting his first video to YouTube in Early in his career, he built a large and loyal fanbase by ing a series of devilish prank videos, but he is currently most famous for his vlogs and lifestyle content. At age 37, Atwood is also a family man, with a wife, three kids, and another baby on the way—but he Sex theater san diego finds some time to new content and entertain his fans along the way. His father, Curt Dale Atwood, owns a rope Paris hiltons feet —where Roman worked before starting his Ultimate boob wars 2 career—and a toy store.

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Roman Bernard Atwood born: May 28, [age 38] Criss angel sexy, is a YouTube vlogger and former prankster. He has two sons and a daughter, his oldest son being Noah Atwood born: October 18, [age 16]who he had with his ex-wife. Brittney Atwood is currently pregnant with their second. Roman and Brittney were officially married on July 30, Roman used to everyday.

Shanna atwood: bio, age, position, ethnicity, family, education

He has offically stopped ing every day and started ing every Freaks only tumblr months ever since his mother's death. From Millersport, Ohio, Atwood has been filming and producing videos since high school.

Atwood has also worked Demon hunter models various film projects and commercials in Columbus, Ohio until when he decided to focus on his passion of comedy and created the YouTube channel "Sketch Empire". Before his career as a YouTube prankster, he was working in his family's rope factory "Atwood Ropes".

Noah's biological mother, Shanna Janette Atwood, cheated on Roman.

Roman atwood | top 10 most liked pictures on instagram

Noah now lives part time with Roman and Brittney and part time with his mother. Roman was put on a temporary restraining order by Shanna Janette Atwood and the restraining order is expiring.

They went to court on October 22, After months of legal dispute, Noah has finally been given custody to Roman on October 10, Noah Atwood is also legally allowed to be on Roman's Vlogs. On February 24,his Kenzie green facial abuse, Zeus, was diagnosed with either cancer or lung disease.

This was created by fluid in his abdomen.

A few days later, on February 27,Roman posted on his Twitter that Zeus had passed away the night before. On May 29,a day after Roman's birthday, his mother passed away from a scooter accident while Jim brown playgirl and his family were on vacation.

Roman atwood dating life with girlfriend brittney smith

The accident deeply scared Roman, and he stopped ing every day. Roman now uplo very few months. Atwood's breakthrough video, entitled "Cops Get Owned!!!

The video features his good friend Dennis Roady pretending to urinate in front of police officers. Since February 11, Bianca beauchamp photos, he has been making daily vlogs for his second channel, which has since reached 10 million subscribers.

Shanna atwood: bio, age, position, ethnicity, family, education

Together both of his channels have over 23 million subscribers. It features a Ferrari parking on a handicapped spot.

Atwood had poked a hole in a water bottle's top, so that he could pretend to be urinating on the vehicle. After the owner saw him "urinating" on his car, he ran towards Atwood and started to push and shout at him. This video was posted to YouTube on April 4, and has over 24 million views as of June The prank backfires when she pranks him back and reveals that she has cheated on him too.

The Dogs licking clits was posted on November 20, and has over 80 Million views as of June Roman also was a close friend to Chase Gilroy gilroy vlogs who is Brittney's sisters' husband.

Roman Atwood, Vitaly Zdorovetskiy and Dennis Roady put together a film about their pranks, getting a poor review from movie reviewers.

Brittney smith's personal details

People thought this movie was not that good, because it was basically their already made pranks put together and thrown into theaters. IMDb : 3.

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