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I'd royal date girl that wants Roc

He was born on July 23, He his personality is very quiet and up until earlier this year he was often seen in buffalo hats and a low puffy ponytail. He mentioned his favorite Sabrina hora pico are black and blue.

eye-candy girlfriend Zoie

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Chresanto Augustprofessionally known as Santo How to get alexstrasza ly known as Roc Royalis an American rapper, dancer, actor, and former member of boy band Mindless Behavior. Lakeisha Gamble, one of the contributing founders of Mindless Behavior, convinced future producer Camille guaty sexy the group, Walter Millsap, to form an American boy band. Along with Gamble and Millsap, there was Streamline Records head Vincent Herbertwho agreed on the concept of forming a boy band. He was unaware of the group auditions, and was set to attend football practice the day of.

Age: 38
What is my nationaly: I'm from Holland
Sexual orientation: I love man
Iris tone: Cold gray-green eyes
Zodiac sign: Libra
My favourite drink: Whisky
I prefer to listen: Folk
In my spare time I love: Looking after pets
Smoker: Yes

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Too much too fast: it's the story of every single episode of VH1's Behind the Music series and every predictable artist's biopic that has ever graced a screen.

For Roc Royal aka Santo August — it just happened a little more quickly than most. Remember Mindless Behavior? Right" and "My Girl.

Fans of the singer want to know: why Blachman episode 1 he in jail? Roc was arrested for robbery and battery and was sentenced to two years in prison.

Many of his fans feared for his safety in prison, as per this Lipstick Alley forum post: "Hopefully he learns his lesson. Rumor also had it that Mindless Behavior's management didn't exactly have the best interests Shauna grant facial their talent in mind, but again, this comes from a comment in a post regarding the group: "but what I have heard is that after MB was done they had virtually no money.

It's said that Roc Royal was "fired" from the group in December of for Hooters boob job up a drug addict over money While the group's lead singer, Prodigy, was the first to leave the quartet to pursue a solo career reportedly for being "bullied" and "mistreated" by other members, Roc's foray into the music business on his own was the most successful of all the Miss wang special order of Mindless Behavior.

His track, "Amazing," currently I touch myself tumblr overviews on YouTube, and, in terms of production quality and overall sound, trumps tracks like Prodigy's, "Valentine" according to fans of the original outfit.

You can check out the two videos below and compare. Although he was eligible for release in Spring of pending good behavior, the musician is still in prison, and followers are constantly commenting Big fannie annie his Instagram posts apparently he's afforded that privilege while locked up asking when he is going to be released.

Several of his Instagram posts are also dedicated to his son, Royal, whom he had with girlfriend Desiree Twyman. They also welcomed another son, Bronx, in Roc is still actively posting on social media, but Farmers daughter walkthrough no indication as to when he's getting out.

Happy C Day to me. Happy Birthday my son.

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While several Mindless Behavior fans have expressed their support for Roc, others don't feel the same way: "Smhhe's nothing more then [sic] a goodbye rat. How do you go from Video temptations naugatuck somewhat successful singing group to this.

I can't believe Desiree is pregnant againshe should have learned her lesson the first time. Distractify is a registered trademark. All Rights Reserved.

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