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Ass question pick male Random chat

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So I made this blog because there are thing that are too funny or random that just has to be reblogged. Therefore anything that I find Anime squinty eyes will be posted on this blog. What is more difficult for you, looking into someones eyes when you are telling someone how you feel, or looking into someones eyes when they are telling you how they feel?

My age: 37
My orientation: Man
Tint of my iris: Lively hazel
I understand: Italian
My body type: My figure type is quite slender
I like to drink: I like beer
Stud: None
Smoker: No

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Add to list. First thing you wash in the shower? What color is your favorite hoodie? Would you kiss the last person you kissed again? He was horrid. Do you plan outfits? Whats the closest thing to you Kordell naked video red?

Smart ass questions

Do you say aim or a-i-m? Tell me about the last dream you remember having? Okay, so I was gettin ready for school, and I missed the bus. So I walked to Karen's house, and she missed the bus too even though she doesn't ride a bus.

The ro Bra pong rules deserted, so we goof around and throw stuff in the ro, like a random banana and condoms. Why we have condoms and a banana, I will never know. Which, is weird. We tried the doors, and they were Tsunade real face, so we climbed in through the window. We got inside, and everyone was dead. He gets Karen, and ties her up.

Which is mega weird, cuz that's not what Freddy does. Then, I run into the bathrooms, and hide in the big stall.

You know, the ones for handicapped people? Yeah, that one.

And then, all randomly, Karen comes in. So we run out together, and Freddy is chasing us, trying to kill us, and then I woke up. I dunno if I died or not. D: Sneaker fetish stories, how the hell Karen got untied.

Did you meet anybody new today? What are you craving right now? Do you floss? What comes to mind when I say cabbage?

What are you smoking? When was the last time you talked on aim?

Are you emotional? Would you dance to the taco song?

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Have you ever counted to 1,? I was trying to get to sleep, so I counted sheep. Damned things didn't put me to sleep. Do you bite into your ice cream or just lick it? Do you like your hair? Do you like yourself? No, seriously. Have you Please teacher episode 5 met a celebrity?

Do you like cottage cheese? What are you listening to right now? How many countries have you visited? Teh U. Are your parents strict? Would you go sky diving? Would you go out to eat with George W. I don't like old people. They smell funny. Would you throw potatoes at him? Have you ever been in a castle? There's plenty of 'em in Bad nannies caught on camera.

Nudist mother tumblr you rent movies often? Who sits in behind you in your math class? Have you made a prank phone call? Do you own a gun? And, I'm a perfect shot. Can you count backwards from 74?

Smart ass questions

Who are you going to be with tonight? D: Brown or white eggs? I don't eat eggs Sex theater san diego that. Do you own something from Hot Topic? Ever been on a train?

Ever been in love? Do you have a cell-phone? Are you too forgiving?

Looking for a subredfit for all random ass questions. somewhat like tipofmytounge but no format.

Do you use chap stick? What is your best friend doing tomorrow?

Can you use chop sticks? Ever have cream puffs? Have you ever seen The Butterfly Effect? What was the last question you asked? What was the last CD you bought? Boys or girls? What is your bus for school?

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Is your hair curly? Last time you cried? Ever walked into a wall? A brick one.

Do looks matter? Have you ever bought anything from Pac Sun? Have you ever slapped someone?