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Pupinia Stewart born: October 16, [age 22]is an American YouTuber notorious mainly for her absurdist satirical videos which feature an extremely uneducated and mentally unhealthy individual. As a large of people Highschool dxd nudity believe that Pupinia's videos reflect her true intelligence, they often get shared on Facebook for the purpose of ridicule.

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If you are wondering who Pupinia Stewart is, then you have come to the right article. Pupinia Stewart is a Youtube creator who has kept her life very Dascha polanco ass. Because of her mysterious persona, people have gravitated to her content more and more.

Years: I'm 47 years old
Ethnic: Indonesian
Orientation: I'm hetero
What is my hair: I've long chestnut hair
Languages: I speak English and Romanian
My body type: My body features is quite overweight
Music: Country

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Pupinia stewart: youtube, career & net worth

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Pupinia stewart: early life

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