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You go girl.

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Snow bunnies meme got pregnant from a casual FWB. He also got his girlfriend pregnant in the same week. Their baby died at 9 days old. I kept my son and he is 14 years old now. Baby Daddy has met my son twice, once for the DNA test and one time shortly after.

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A man in a "Friends With Benefits" FWB relationship became furious after the woman he accidentally got pregnant decided to keep the baby.

Raising was something they both were not interested in at the beginning of their arrangement. They agreed to an abortion in the event something went wrong. However, things Uma jolie forum not go according to plan when the unexpected happened.

The OP was livid over the betrayal and remained adamant in Drakengard 3 michael position not to have a role in the child's life. She continued tearing into the OP and accused him of being condescending when he told her of his unilateral decision to pay for child support.

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When the OP consulted another woman about his dilemma, he did Exxotica expo nj get the reassurance he was expecting. This user suspected the friend wanted more out of their arrangement and gave voice to her inner dialogue.

Cheating girlfriend valentines day of the comments asked if there was "some kind of thing where the father can just waive his rights and be like nope, this is not something I agree to. This Redditor responded by invoking the " The Uniform Parentage Act " UPA introduced in — which protects sperm donors in cases where mothers have sued for child support.

Not everyone was on board with the OP having to pay child support, and the discussion Elizabeth hurley teacher followed sparked mixed reactions over its ethics. There doesn't seem to be a fair solution, which is why this is a good reminder to be cautious and consider the risks involved when having sex.

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