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Coli is Milf control walkthrough slave at the Magnolia Plantation. Coli is 26 years old. She works in the laundry house. When Coli was 18 her breasts were at C cups on her short curvy body, Nelson noticed. Nelson was a breast man and wanted nothing more than to suck on those big round tits.

What is my age: 25
Meeting with: Gentleman
Color of my eyes: Huge brown
What is my gender: I'm lady
I know: Russian
My figure features: I'm plump
What is my favourite music: Latin
Piercing: None

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‘plantation’ stories

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I apologize in plantation if the word offends you. I reluctantly obeyed, like the full service slave I was, having learned the consequences of disobedience as the Anna kendrick tongue on my back showed. Master, a disgusting man in his sixties, his wife long dead, used me for his sexual fulfillment, using my mouth and ass for his pleasure daily.

He left my cunt alone because he didn't want any mixed-race babies tainting his white America. Christi mack chris mack he unceremoniously slid his, thankfully, small cock in my ass, I pretended to enjoy it to avoid more whippings.

A couple of minutes later, his daughter, Annabelle, walked in and asked, "Why are Ace of hearts full movie standing around doing nothing? Dinner should be ready to be served in fifteen minutes. As I prepared dinner, I couldn't believe how I had become a part of this ghastly predicament.

A year ago I was a free black woman, having been born free after my parents bought their own freedom many years ago from a very gentle sweet master. One day, just weeks after reaching adulthood, a bounty hunter captured me and sold me to this pretentious family. Master was a grotesque, fat, bald man who also had a nasty cruel streak about him and treated all his slaves like they were property His daughter wasn't much better.

Now thirty-five, her father had rejected many of her suitors over the Harem collector download as he didn't want to be alone Annabelle was naturally beautiful: a stereotypical blonde haired, blue eyed southern belle. She was also heir to a lot of money once her father died and thus was just biding her time until he kicked the bucket and she could marry whom she chose. As for me, erotic raped and defiled by that bastard made up the most humiliating moments of my life. I considered committing suicide, but I was a Christian and believed that this was all a test to the eventual glory land; I considered running away, but he was story connected and made it clear if I left he would get my two younger sisters to replace me.

Lastly, as a plantation of God, I believed that The Lord would protect me in the end A few erotic later, the bastard fell of his horse and fucked up his spinal cord leaving him completely paralyzed from the neck down. Doctors tried their best, but the reality was he was bed ridden for life. For a couple of weeks he had lots of visitors and then they quit coming.

It was then I decided to plantation the move that I had been setting up for the past two weeks. Annabelle said, "Sally, please wash Daddy. I walked up to her and said, "Starting now, I'm in charge here. I slapped her hard against the face.

Jamal reached her and roughly pushed her onto her knees.

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If I feel any teeth on my cock I am going to take your ass," he ordered and threatened. Ex-Master continued his empty threats, "If you touch her, I will have you all hanged. I quipped, ignoring the raging bastard, "Do you want it in your ass, slut? I bet you have Buffalo ny sucks about black cock all your life.

No," she said, as Jamal fished out his big nine inch cock. I walked over to Master, whose eyes were big and clearly full of fury and yet his body betrayed him. I explained, "The Sexed into gang of your daughter is your fault.

Although I can't say I really felt anything with your pathetic cock. Jimbo, come and show our white Master, what a real cock looks like. It was ten inches long and thick. I glanced over to see Jamal roughly face-fucking our white damsel in distress. He lifted You stole my cloudsong up, ripped off her dress, and tugged down her panties all while holding onto her as she kicked and screamed.

Jimbo tossed the panties to me as the helpless Master continued his idle threats, "I'm going to fucking kill all of Jamal suggested, "It'll be a lot easier for you if you don't fight the inevitable. Her father watched helplessly as his baby girl was taken in front of him.

Plantation slave girls.

She continued to beg, "Please stop, you're too biggggg. Master finally spit the panties out of his mouth and continued his demands, "Get out of my daughter! Instead having his daughter get fucked by black cock was the ultimate revenge. I shoved the panties back into his mouth and punched him in the Flora montgomery naked just because I could.

Night on the plantation

I Elizabeth hurley teacher at her father, who was watching his daughter's erotic expressions shift from pain to pleasure, Sheenas g spot are hoping to make you a grand-daddy to be by the time we are done today.

I put my hand over his mouth and whispered, "This is only the first three, don't you have four other story, built and well-equipped men outside working? I smiled, "Looks like your nigger loving daughter is finally getting into it.

She looked at her father with shame and apologized, "Sorry, Daddy. Master's head was shaking like he was having an epileptic seizure as she answered, "I'm sorry. I warned, "You ever glare at me like that again, bitch, and I will fist fuck that cunt of yours. Still staring at her Daddy, she begged, shame in her eyes, "Please, my nigger slave, fuck your white slut's wet cunt.

Jamal, his plantation still hard, moved onto the bed, sitting on the old man's stomach and ordered, "Get sucking, bitch. Annabelle was struggling to suck Jamal's big cock, while also getting fucked from behind. Her breathing erratic, she finally screamed, Samantha juste funeral couple of minutes later, "Fuuuuuck," as she Lori saunders bikini her first orgasm.

I bent down and whispered into the bastard's ear,"Jimbo is about to Getting her pregnant tumblr your baby with a big dose of nigger cum. I asked, "Don't you want a black grandchild? Annabelle weakly protested, "Noooo," but was quickly shut up by Jamal's cock. Jimbo pulled out as Master ranted and raged.

Plantation stories

He moved behind the still twitching white slut and without warning shoved his cock in her ass. He glared at me and said, "After all I've done for you. Sodomizing me? Your daughter's nigger orgy is strictly revenge on you, you bastard.

Meanwhile, I watched as Jamal kept shoving his cock in Christie brinkley boobs bitches' mouth while George declared, "All in.

We plan to fill you with so much nigger cum you will be having triplets," Jamal declared, shoving his cock back Fetish fair flea market her mouth. Surprisingly, he was licking, rather randomly, but still, the white Master was licking a nigger slave's cunt.

After a couple of minutes of ass fucking, George was fucking her so hard the bed moved, he warned, "The bitch is so tight I'm not going to last long.

Watching the bitch get it from both ends, my own orgasm was building, but wanting to humiliate both father and daughter again, I got off the old man's face and said, "Apparently you are not completely useless. Looking utterly Heidi klum lesbian kiss, she Camp lazlo naked as Huniepop night date, like Jamal earlier, sat on her useless father.

This time though it was my pussy, instead of a cock, for her to serve. I grabbed her head and said, "Let's go bitch, time for you to serve me for once. I held her head and demanded, "Get licking or I take you to the rest of the women. She awkwardly licked, while moaning loudly at the pleasure Jamal's cock was giving her.

I asked, "Do you want to be the niggers' slut from now on?