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Family Guy will return to the air with its sights on the Emmys.

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Joe Swanson : We gotta get him to wash that hand. Cleveland Brown : Yeah. I'll text Lois, see if we all can Layla el booty up with something.

Glenn Quagmire : Just reply to the last gif of Pictures of womans boobs sloth putting on the headphones. Joe Swanson : [laughs] I love that one. Is it weird we're in a group text with our friend's wife, but not our friend?

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Glenn Quagmire : No, what's weird is that your bitmoji can walk. Joe Swanson : I'm allowed to have legs in a phone world!

Stewie Griffin : This isn't going to make me forgive you, you know. Brian Griffin : That's fine. Stewie Griffin : I'm going to say uncomplimentary things about your ass the whole way. Brian Griffin : Go ahead.

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Stewie Griffin : You know, maybe it's appropriate that you're my ride up. Rupert always called you my bitch. Want to know some of the other things he called you? Fat Boku wa tomodachi ga sukunai fanservice. Rin Tin Twink. Poopy Snoopy. Clifford The Big Red Sphincter that we see all the time because you don't want your tail down.

Snoop Doggy dick. Brian Griffin : Stewie, I just don't get it. You're so mature in so many ways. Why is Rupert the one baby thing you're hanging onto?

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Why are you so Van wilder 2 boobs over a doll when I'm real and I'm still here? Stewie Griffin : Because Rupert was going to be with me forever! He wasn't ever going to leave. Brian Griffin : So what? I'm not leaving you either.

Stewie Griffin : Oh, really?

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Brian, let's be honest. You're a middle aged dog. My friend's dead!

Brian Griffin : Feels like that story is less about me and more about your suit. In. Showing all 3 items.

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