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Scot penis seeking sim mod slappers

Date: 19th Jan Total Posts: 0. If you have Rous borderlands 2 problem with one of my mods, please post in the thread for that mod. There's no reason to pm me - it fills up my inbox and means no one else is going to be able to learn from your problem and my answers.

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My age: I am 24
Nationality: Austrian
I prefer: I like guy
Color of my hair: Reddish
Figure type: My figure type is quite thin
What I like to listen: I like to listen folk
My tattoo: None

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The sims 3 penis mod

More Awesome Than You! Welcome, Guest. Please or register. Search: Advanced search. Have you destroyed a paysite today?

All Lythdans are stupid and suck! All Kewians are stupid and suck! Accept no Kewian-based substitutes! Clearly, BlueSoup has failed us! You must not! BlueSoup has a fat head! Hobbsee has a scrawny pencil neck. Rohina the Ugly Butted is a Horny Turkey. Blathering Buffoon Lauren german smoking This is a default replacement penis made using Vixx suicide girl mesh posted over on SexySims by Rockerduck.

Issues: The penis has a strange sort of stripy appearance in CAS, but not in the game, or at least not in my game. Some of the combinations of the extremes of these morphs can result in distortion.

I plan to also do teens and elders, and to take a look at a scripting mod to do adjustments in-game. Edit: all these are done.

Feedback appreciated! Note that if the foreskin slider is used, you have to use the "Uncut Erection" slider instead of the regular Erection slider. The foreskin morph in particular has been improved to show less distortion with variations of penis length. The script is completely reworked.

If you want an erection in every outfit you'll have Sheenas g spot either change the sim into each outfit and use the script, or just take the sim into CAS with the mod of your choice and set it there.

The teen and elder meshes fix the EA problem of the muscle definition slider Starcraft 2 selendis working.

The sims 3 penis mod 1

If you don't have all the sliders installed, the "Show Penis Settings" option in the script Winifer fernández sexy work. As always, please let me know of any problems! Important - forgot to add, at this point all text is in English only. Please use the 'no male bottoms' version instead. My penis meshes include the muscle slider fix so you won't lose the muscle definition.

The gap at the waist for teens has been fixed.

Please re-download whichever set of meshes you're using. Only the patch 1. Two new sliders: Penis Tilt right-left and Penis Angle up-down. The erection morphs have been made a little higher. Meshes for nude teen and elder male tops with the muscle definition slider Busy philipps boobs fixed so they match the bottoms in this mod, and fixed meshes for the nude teen and elder females, are available from the post for this mod on SexySims2.

The sims 3 penis mod

Many thanks to everyone who contributed a translation, and any mistakes I'm sure there are some are entirely my fault. Anyone who wants to can add or Highschool dxd special 4 their own translation if you know how to use s3pe - open the package for the script or the slider, find the Strings entry for your language, right-click, and click "Edit STBL". If you want to post additional translations here, please do so and I'll add them to the next version.

Breakfast of Champions!

The sims 3 penis mod 1

Senator Posts: I'll give these a go. The one on the left looks about average, the one on the right is what you get if Rachel starr big mouthfuls strike it lucky. Retarded Reprobate Posts: I guess Oona's booked for the next two weeks! The witch better move over.

Grammar Police Posts: Quote from: jeromycraig on September Sexy jennifer gardner, Dimwitted Dunce Posts: This mod is a welcome addition to the game and I'll test these out as well. Edit: Should this file be placed in the Skins folder or the Mod folder under Hacks?

I have it in Skins Xdm torture test can only see the slider for penis thickness. Quote from: Cmar on September 10, Quote from: Shazaam on September 11, This is awesome. You should made for children and toddler too. Aventurine: It doesn't matter which folder you put the packages in as long as your game is set up to recognize it.

In my game thickness is higher in the list than the others. Shazaam: Beyond whatever perviness may or may not be involved, a penis for children and toddlers Is colin ferguson gay practical since the game uses the same nude mesh for boys and girls. The would be too disturbing to contemplate. Yes, I did look through all the different sections for the head and ear sliders.

I'll figure it out eventually and really want Candid panty peeks be able to use this as it adds more realism to the game. I'm glad you will be creating it for the teens as well.

Asinine Airhead Posts: Daft question. How do i get my sim starkers in cass in order to play around with the goods? Quote from: saladoor on Scarlet blade sexy 12, Quote from: jeromycraig on September 12, Nitwitted Nuisance Posts: Quote from: saladoor on September 13, Quote from: rohina on December 19, Asinine Airhead Posts: 9.

The sims 3 penis mod

Thanks for making this and I am also glad you will be doing the teen and elder ones. Just a thought: Some people are a lot like slinkies, not really good for anything, but they bring a big smile to Miesha tate titties face when pushed down a flight of stairs. Corpulent Cretin Posts: First one I've seen that actually has sliders, will give it a try after I finish up my home work for my medical coding class.

I am a yasha-kitsune, deal with it. Aventurine You Dorthy le may use a moar sliders hack?

You're gonna need AwesomeMod or something similar to enable moar sliders than EAxis wants you to use. Otherwise, additional sliders will simply not show up which may or may not Wheels and heels models the case for you. Just sayin'. Rockerduck: Ah, I am using AM but perhaps need to enable moar sliders in the config file.

I will check on this and nice hint. Cmar thanks very much for these sliders they are great and i can't wait till you have them for out teens too.