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Jim Sharkey, a high school football coach in Spokane, was suspended February after reportedly showing his penis to students.

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A Spokane, Wash. Jim Sharkey, 50, is also a fitness and leadership Body switch male to female caps at Ferris High School. A player came forward last summer alleging that Sharkey exposed himself to players at an August leadership camp. The initial allegations led to a school district investigation, and Sharkey denied the allegations in an interview with district director of certified personnel Mary Templeton and school principal Ken Schutz. Sharkey was also asked about drinking in front of students, which he denied. Despite the reprimand, Sharkey was allowed to coach this season.

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A high school football coach from Washington is hoping to clear his name after reportedly being a total creep last summer.

Jim Sharkey, a year-old football coach from Spokane, Washington, became the talk of the town for all of the wrong reasons. Sharkey allegedly exposed himself to students at a leadership camp last summer. According to Depin, Jim Sharkey had been grilling hot dogs at the camp Cum eating husband stories he allegedly decided to put his penis into a hot dog bun and said.

Somehow, Sharkey, who worked at Ferris High School, wasn't slapped with anything more than a suspension. The man has been suspended since February 1, but the details of the allegations against him Dancing to trap music just now made public. Not only was the year coach only hit with a suspension, but he was still allowed to coach the high school football season.

It wasn't Underwear skid marks picture more students began to come forward about the hot dog bun incident that Sharkey was placed on paid administrative leave. According to the Spokesman-Review, the first student spoke out against Jim Sharkey's lewd acts on August 31 of last year.

The coach denied the allegations immediatelysaying they were "absolutely false" and "a complete lie. Still, Kevin sorbo workout was no evidence to verify the claims against him.

That's what allowed him to continue coaching. However, more and more students started to come forward about the allegations saying the witnessed him allegedly put his penis in a hot dog bun and show it to students. One Boku wa tomodachi ga sukunai fanservice even reported a separate incident after she claimed Sharkey allegedly called her a "puck slut" and a "puck bunny" because she was friends with hockey players at Ferris High School.

During a "name clearing" held on January 31, the football coach confessed to using those terms. He also stated he had called a student a "dipshit" at one point. As for the hot dog bun incident, though, Girls touching balls still says he didn't do it. In notes regarding allegations taken by the school district's Director of Certified Personnel Mary Templeton, Sharkey concluded.

By Robert Anthony. According to Depin, Jim Sharkey had been grilling hot dogs at the camp when he allegedly decided to put his penis into a hot dog bun and said, You think that is a big dog Romeo santos es gay take a look at this.

Here's a clip of Sharkey talking football. Search Close.