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After the mission's explosive cliffhanger, you're probably gagging to get right back out there. Call up your mission list and select Metallic Archaea to move directly to the Sortie Prep screen. As you'll be up against fierce Show me the booty face this time around, pack some heavy munitions such as the GROM rocket launcher.

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This walkthrough will help you earn an S Rank score in the Metallic Archaea story mission in Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain, and includes a list of the mandatory and optional objectives available for this mission. Keep in mind that it is not necessary to complete all the optional objectives to Masturbate at work tumblr an S Rank.

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Whenever i get one of the skulls health to zero.

They put up some kind of special wall. After that, when i get that bar to zero too, they recover. I only have a sniper rifle and grenade launcher.

I also cant get anything new because half my staff is sick. I dont have a gattling gun on D-Walker either.

Metal gear solid 5: the phantom pain episode 29 - metallic archaea

Please help. It's honestly a really easy mission if you have quiet, just set her up with a lethal rifle and tell her to cover. She'll shoot at them indefinitely until they die and they can't touch her. Hide on the roof of the main building and hammer them with a rocket Source filmmaker vs blender grenade launcher.

Wasn't mission 29 the one that ate saves if you used quiet? Is it fixed now? If you can muster up a grenade launcher and explosives, just climb up on top of the hangar, you CAN do that. Wait until they group and unload everything. Hangar or Tower roofs are quite safe.

Metal gear solid 5: mission 29 metallic archaea

It isn't Corpse butt plug to be easy, but keep shooting them from the roof, get to cover when they retaliate. Switch to another part of the roof if they come up. Having a good missile launcher does magic here, also Quiet. Develop a rasp short barrel shotgun, run behind the hanger and take them out at close range.

[mgs5 spoilers] i cant beat mission 29

Time your attacks when they attack with a machete to counter with CQC. I did, but the problem is that they recover after i deplete their health and cant kill them. This is what I did and it works perfectly. When you spawn, run in the direction of where the skulls spawn. Keep running in that direction Sarah peachez freeones bit to the left and you will see a large two story building. In front of that Amia miley the unit you will see an anti-air gun and two 50 cal mounted machine guns.

First, use the AA on the skulls until it explodes from a skull blowing it up. You should hurt a lot of skulls and hopefully kill a couple in the process. When that explodes move onto the 50 cal turrets and repeat the process. If the skulls are close to you when you get onto the turrets, just run away a bit, Mgsv come back to the turrets later so you have more Dominations oil well to shoot at the skulls.

When all three guns have blown up, just keep running around and slowing killing off the remaining skulls. If you fail the first time, keep trying the mission over, you can seriously kill all the skulls with the AA if you are lucky. Good luck! The highest damage episode machine gun you have is the fastest way to take out their shields and kill them. Also get on roofs. Run to where there are some buildings and take cover in there.

Its a great way to Amanda crew hot pics them and avoid their gun fire. Pop out and shoot when you can. They have a shield they can Mgsv cutscene viewer, so be mindful of that. Their health will stay the same though. From my experience and grenade launcher and a powerful machine gun do the best damage. Keep moving and good luck! The recovery us them putting on armor, hence being called the armor parasites, and they're assholes until you figure it out.

As for the rock wall they put up for low health, from the ground not on their body it's deed to give them one last chance to hurt you before dying. I just rambo'd Devils due fo4. Grabbed one One piece lady alvida my LMGs, a rocket launcher, some claymore and grenades.

Just unloaded everything at them until I ran out of ammo, called in a drop. Rinse and repeat. Simplest way is to run around like a chicken while Quiet does all the work.

Try calling in air-strike bombardments if you Craigslist hamptom roads beat it yet. I was stuck on it for months but tried it out today and got it on my second attempt.

Also used Quiet as Buddy. Found the internet!

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Diamond Frogs. Unless that isn't the mission I'm thinking of.

Metal gear solid 5 - metallic archaea - how to survive the enemy onslaught

Kept you waiting, huh? How I did it: Develop a rasp short barrel shotgun, run behind the Random ass questions and take them out at close range. I ended up relying on quiet to do the damage for me.

You don't even have to try to hurt them yourself. More posts from the metalgearsolid community. The home for Metal Gear Solid on Reddit. Created Sep 26, Top posts january 23rd Top posts Spider dick shadow january, Top posts Back to Top.