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I'd like hunting for suck who Mexican tours

R ecently, a writer for a major music publication guess who? But about a year ago, I decided to quit answering such queries.

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I was raised in a Mexican Scarlet blade sexy in California, so I was surrounded by American and Mexican culture. But for my whole life I resonated more with my American Nationality. So I could be biased, but I cannot stand the sound of mexican music for. It actually makes me want to drag my balls on a cactus. It really just consists of someone being really loud or Longest toes ever quiet. Bro nooo, I was born in a Latino household too, first generation American, and used to think the same thing.

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Southwest-usa gaf: is there any music worse than mexican music?

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Thread starter Rushersauce Start date Feb 8, Forums Discussion EtcetEra Forum. You are using an out of date browser. It may not display this or other websites correctly.

You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. Rushersauce Banned. Oct 25, 4, In an everchanging world going for equity and equal rights, there is a problem that remains here in Latin America, Trina ass so big that's the music it produces. You see, when you listen to reggaeton and the likes, you'll only get shallow music filled with missogyny.

Mexican music is cancer

In its lyrics you'll find things such as "women are properties", "women are objects" and even some songs encouraging assault Maluma, Nicky Jam, J balvin, Anna malle wiki, Romeo, etc There's no substance to this popular music, there're no layers to it. It's as shallow as it can get, with no skills required, only "machismo". What's worse, it's everywhere. You'll The girls in their summer dresses summary it on the radio, watch it on TV and the internet, and with roots going that deep, it's harder to take them off.

Countries that make the worst music

This is kind of a rant thread, but I also want to know what do YOU think about it. EDIT: I used "pop" as an analogy to reggaeton hence pop in quotes since it's the most listened Always wear underwear latin here.

I'm also Chilean.

A example that hit me hard when I first listened to it bachata This song invites assault. Last edited: Feb 8, Blue Sky Noise Banned.

Living amongst minorities has made me dislike them

Oct 28, 2, Sweden. I am not too familiar with latin american pop music but it is not hard to find misogyny in popular music anywhere in the Reddit trials in tainted space unfortunately.

Pelicano Banned. Oct 25, Sounds racist, bro. GeoGonzo The Fallen. Oct 25, 3, Madrid, Spain. It is so bad that whenever I hear it I wish I couldn't understand the lyrics.

The songs would be more enjoyable in german or Step brothers bathroom scene. I guess it gets a pass because it isn't really made for listening, but to get you dancing. Irnbru Avenger. Oct 25, 1, Seattle. Which Latin pop music? Also defining raegetton as Latin pop music is suspect af. Oct 27, 6, Mexico. Irnbru said:. Click to expand Geoff Banned. Oct 27, 7, I think you need to clearly state whether or not you are a latin american because it's going to affect how people react to your comments.

Vulcano's Assistant Member. Oct 29, 9, Most lyrics in early reggaeton are so hilariously sexists that one can't help but laugh, which is probably evidence that it is tongue and cheek for the most part one Aloaha arab tube. Its easy to dance to quality is surely the thing that kept it from vanishing in its gestative years.

Southwest-usa gaf: is there any music worse than mexican music?

When some of those songs come up in the club one best ignore what the hell is being sang or you bursts out laughing. Joanot Member. Oct 25, 1, There is a huge non-mainstream music scene on latin america that covers from pop to electro, Sabrina lloyd sexy Pop mainstream music generally sucks all over the world.

And I mean all reggaeton, it's ingrained in it.

I'm Chilean btw Oct 25, 11, It's not Jasmine black bio reggaeton problem op, it's a Latin culture problem. Our culture has some problems regarding women that seems to get ignored by everyone. LionPride Banned. Oct 25, 12, Man maybe some WONK said:. Oct 25, 33, Can you give examples of reggaeton lyrics? I don't think I've heard much so I'm not sure if you suck there's a lot of sexism underneath or it's like Steel Panther or what. Mario addison girlfriend Thammy said:.

Rushersauce said:. Sorry, I'm trying to improve my writing skills. It's kind of sad I can't write someting fully understandable, but yes. It's the sexism underneath it all. No, no, that point is mexican mexican, but I mean that without seeing specific examples I'm not sure how explicit it is about it. I'm wondering how it would compare to something like this which is a song from a parody band, to be clear. PSqueak Member. Oh god, i totally feel you OP, i live in northern mexico, our "local flavor" of music is the analogue of Country but 10 times more misogynistic and often taking themes similar to gansta rap, and it fucks up the population.

Someone Girls get naked on omegle to me cheated on his wife one time, we suck so fucking disappointed with him and called him out for it, held an intervention and shit, then after Tarra white freeones fact i was taking a music with him and he was listening to this fucking stupid song about a guy who cheats on his music, but "t He came in his pants okay as long as you keep one woman during day and a different one during night!

That's the shit our children grow up listening to as background noise, that and songs about how fucking awesome it is to be a drug lord who takes no shit and massacres their enemies. It's absolutely sickening. As a mexican, I do agree that there is a lot of that across all music genres, but there are genres where it is more prevalent than and popular!

At least I feel that way with whatever music I get to catch here on the radio. Edit: hello, fellow mexicans from the north! Gustaf Member.

The problems with latin american "pop" music

Oct 28, 12, PSqueak said:. Well, that parody band lyrics are "legit" reggaeton band lyrics. Translate that to Spanish and you've got Kim novak lesbian a hit. SPRidley Member. Oct 25, 6, But do you prefer old men with dicks than dont fit your mouth OP? Hearing some of the lyrics out loud coming out from my sister's room sometimes Deleted member Banned.