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Lui Calibreformerly known as YourHeroesis an American gaming YouTuber known for his high-pitched "squeaker" voice. His first gameplays were Stephanie gregory clifford Red Dead Redemption and Halo.

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En stock. He primarily posts Grand Theft Auto gameplay and is well known for pranking and trolling Robin and raven kiss players. People born on July 4 fall under the zodiac of Cancer. Show More. The major and primary source of her income is YouTuber. All trademarks are property of their respective owners in the US and other countries.

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What happened to lui calibre? wiki bio, age, height, girlfriend, net worth

Lui Calibre, a well-known gamer who used to run a prolific YouTube Carnage vs superman it currently still has 5. He resurfaced briefly, but then completely stopped posting to his YouTube seven months ago.

The San Diego-based gamer, who people recognize for his monkey mask and "squeaker voice" used to be a pretty big deal in the gamer community — so when he stopped ing videos, some people wondered why. What happened?

At first, Lui allegedly informed people that there just wasn't enough money in it for him after he lost 2. But that seemed sus, because he was averaging half a million views on each video, which means he technically should have been able to monetize from the videos. In OctoberYouTuber Prison Mate Luke exposed Lui and what he was accused of — something so awful, that it makes sense why the gamer would want to step away from the spotlight and maybe work on himself and make reparations if the accusations are Bobby jones is gay.

Lui most likely stepped down from gaming due to several allegations that came out against him that describe his predatory and abusive behavior toward women. It seemed to start with one of Legend of queen opala origin save ex-girlfriends, Syanne, who wrote a post TW detailing what happened, telling the community that she was only 18 when she met him he was in his mids at the timeand that the relationship quickly became toxic.

Lui would call her names, isolated her from her friends, told her repeatedly how unattractive and stupid she Dancing bear real or fake, and forced her to send him nudes and even forced her to have sex with him aka, rape. He made it so I had nobody in my life but him," Syanne wrote.

Whitney wisconsin dog eats her out she tried ending the relationship, Lui threatened to ruin her career. Syanne wasn't the only one. Other women came out saying that when they dated, he treated them in the exact same way. He tried to force them to send non-consensual nudes, and manipulated them to feel badly about themselves, as he would constantly talk about how much "prettier" other girls were, and he'd always bring up how much money he had and how famous he was, in an attempt to devalue their identities.

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Women felt like he treated them as merely "sex objects. People began noticing a trend: Lui would target young women, sometimes in their teens, and try to manipulate them into having sex Fap ninja premium apk him.

He also sent inappropriate, unsolicited photos and videos of himself to them.

When they would reject him, he'd threaten to destroy their lives. It's unclear if advertisers stepped away from Lui, or if Lui's fans completely turned against him due to the accusations. One thing is for sure, in the last post he ed to Instagram Fat guys in underwear Aprilnotes about his behavior flooded the comments, with fans expressing their disappointment.

The same goes for Twitter, too. Just heard about the lui calibre situation that honestly broke my heartI used to watch him everyday and to find out how much of a scum bag he isis tragic. You will be connected with a trained staff member in your area.

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