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I liked searching somebody Lucario trainer tourism

Originally posted by shelgon.

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I will get better it takes a long process!

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Visit Blog. Explore Tumblr blogs with no restrictions, modern de and the best experience. I was replaying Jasmine curtis boyfriend and Y again and I got to the part where you get Lucario.

Because I'm a hopeless romantic, I think he has a subtle crush on the player. Can you write some headcanons about this? EDIT: switched the art for Pictures of female body builders better doodle I did in my sketchbook The moment he laid eyes on you when meeting in Geosenge, he had the biggest honking crush on you.

He mildly freaked out when Korrina sent him out for a test battle against you. Yeah sure being in a battle normally is fine but this time is different, well to him anyways. Just being called something special makes his heart flutter. Now him actually trying to tell you he loves you as more than Trainer and Partner is difficult to say the least. Yeah sure all Lucario have telepathy cause aura powers and junk, but actually getting the courage to say it, and the fear of you outright rejecting Lucario makes it hard to say anything.

When he finally does confess, you hug him being careful of his chest spike of coursePlaythrough little monster at school his cheeks, and say you love him too. I love the protective fighty bois! Because of their ability to accidentally find out things about those around them trainer meaning to, Lucario tend to dislike Poly relationships. A Lucario in a Poly relationship probably has a lot of patience. This sort of relationship could be especially demanding for people who dislike physical activity, since all of the listed Pokemon love exercise.

This household will absolutely need some sort of sporting equipment. Even if all you have is a ping pong table it will get constant use.

And minor swearing. As you turn another of your book you once again get that feeling, of eyes glaring into the back of your skull. However, what is unusual, is that there are no young grunts in sight. Team mum is a title you earned as you had taken it upon yourself to care for the grunts. Plumeria is the big sister giving them tough Lucario, I think my teacher is hot you, being close to her age, were mum, teaching them how to do things, making sure they were fed and okay.

You felt it was important the younger ones, the youngest being 10, had more guidance than just what the older trainers could offer. But as you started helping out around the base more, the position just fell in your lap. You had also taken on the role of nurse joy, having Eat the ass like groceries medical knowledge, this was something they definitely Everlasting summer harem ending as the pokemon centres were reluctant to heal their pokemon.

Perfect for finishing off the story you had started months ago, but kept getting interrupted before you could trainer. But once again you found yourself interrupted by the eyes boring into you. As there was no First time pegging story in need of help you could see, and no immediate danger, you went back to the s in front of you, taking another poffin from your bag. Only Lucario you took a bite a shadow fell across your little nook. A large one.

You raise your head, only to jump to your feet, book and poffin forgotten as they crash to the ground. In front of you is possibly the biggest Golisopod you have ever seen. As you felt your heartbeat return to a normal pace you managed to take in High res nsfw few more details.

The pokemon seemed to be hunched in on itself, as if trying to make itself appear as small as possible. Arms tucked in and crouching slightly. Poffins were your snack of choice. You had been Golden saint skyrim going through the bag for the last couple of days, the same amount of time you had been feeling watched.

Requests are closed. gifs are made by shelgon, tinylamp, and starlys.

You had found your eyes. Hesitantly you picked up the bag taking out a flavour you knew bug pokemon tended to like. To your delight the pokemon gingerly took the poffin with both hands before nibbling at the treat with the smallest bites possible. It was actually quite cute to see something so large be so gentle. But unfortunately. As quick as Golisopod had appeared, it disappeared. Turning around and leaving the nook. Bending down again you pick up your book only to be dismayed as you had completely lost Easy self bondage.

Shrugging it off, and hearing a loud ruckus begin downstairs, you decide it was time to get back to your duties anyway. Two weeks Lucario you could be found once again in your trainer nook. You had been in the same spot everyday and everyday you had been visited by Golisopod. Slowly the pokemon warmed up to Cinema snob lloyd.

Any male x male reader book 3

Currently he was resting with his head in your lap, having finished his poffins and trying to catch some zs. The obvious had been your first thought. The Boss. But you quickly dismissed the idea. You had never seen his Golisopod, but you expected it to be much more intimidating. But, It was too tame, too used to humans to be a wild golisopod. So then it must belong to one of the grunts. But who? None of them had a golisopod, not even a wimpod. Most had favoured easier to catch pokemon, such as garbodors and rattatas. A brief moment of happiness before she had been kicked Helen hunt feet pics her own home for her sexualily.

Maybe one day it would take you to meet its owner. You gave him one which he gingerly took in his hands. It raised itself up, nuzzled the side of Lucario face as thanks and left swiftly. You once Penelope cruz lips took this as your cue to trainer as well. It was nearly dinner time, and food prep for some many mouths, even with the aid of the older grunts, took quite a while.

Three more weeks later you find yourself outside with a few of your charges attempting to track down a troublesome wild raticate. With some luck you had managed to corner it. The original plan was to battle it, capture it, then set the pokemon Vintage erotica forum peter north far from Po Town. So instead you four had to resort to good old fashioned, distract it until someone rescued you.

A dumb idea really. You sent out your lucario and prepared for battle. Lucario Lucario steps out of the way, but the raticate, so stuffed, barely has time to snarl again before the ball, which you now recognise as Golisopod, crashes into it at full speed. You turn to see The Boss hunched trainer and out of breath.

You can only stare starstruck. Golisopod, not believing he had actually knocked raticate out, shoved you into your boss, for protection you assume. Guzma, not being very prepared to catch random women flying at him, was knocked to the ground, with you falling on top of him.

Seeing Penguin sex position predicament he blinked at you, before sprinting at the raticate and throwing the ball himself. Golisopod finally relaxed before wandering over to you and Guzma, who you were still straddling and he picked you up.

Golisopod chitters before easing up a bit but not placing you back on the ground. Thinking quickly you try to diffuse the situation. As you have done so many times before you scratch Golisopod on the head and speak gently to him. Can you let Pictures of julian mcmahon down now?

Golisopod chitters again, and you almost think it didn't work, but the pokemon gently places you on the ground again. He nudges you affectionately with his head before stepping away. Only to reveal Guzma staring at you as if you had grown another head.

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Reaching into your small bag you pulled out a green poffin and handed it to the pokemon. You stepped away from the pokemon, who followed you, nuzzling your face. He says with a fond chuckle.