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If you look at the US box office this morning, you might think Machete's successes have been modest — it opened at No 3 behind George Clooney's The American and the week-old Bianca kajlich hot pics Takers, grossing roughly a tenth of what Toy Story 3 took in its opening weekend — but for Lindsay Lohanit is a massive victory.

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By Jay A. Actress Lindsay Lohan appears in court at the Beverly Hills Municipal Courthouse as she surrenders for a day jail sentence for violating the terms of Dog fuck teen girl probation on drunk driving charges by missing alcohol education classes in Beverly Hills, California in this July 20, file photo.

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Actress Lindsay Lohan is taking a baby step back into the Hollywood mainstream What is snoodling weekend with her first movie in three years. She has a small part in the new film "Machete," which opens today.

But can "Machete" cut-through all the bad press Lohan has gotten this year? It remains to be seen whether Lohan can escape her recent Reluc wives stories through an escapist movie.

Lindsay Powers, deputy online editor of The Hollywood Reporter, noted, "Lindsay had been asked not to be there because her personal problems would distract from the actual film. Jessica Alba, Lohan's "Machete" co-star, said, "She's so good, she's amazing Kay adams boobs the movie.

Everyone's going to love this film. Robert Rodriguez, director of the film, said, "I can't wait for people to see it, because it'll remind them, 'Oh yeah, there's an Penguin sex position behind all the distractions and the paparazzi.

Lohan's latest legal troubles began less than a year ago. She showed up more than hour late to her Beverly Hills probation hearing.

And it got even worse. In July, she was a no-show for an appearance, and was sentenced to 90 days in jail and 90 days of rehab. She served only a fraction of those sentences.


She said, "If she really does want to focus on her career, she needs to surround herself with smart advisers, smart people who can help her choose a role that's not a troubled personal back-story, Iviona hatch instagram that she can actually achieve that career comeback she wants.

It's easy to forget that, before her run-ins with the law, Lohan was a much-loved star with endless potential.

But dressed as a nun and toting a gun in "Machete," O'Dell said, might do little to remind audiences of Lohan's skills as an actress. Powers said, "In this movie, she has threesomes with her mother, she's naked for a big chunk of time. She has a scene where her I married a loser picks her up from a drug den.

So, it's really hard to separate her real life and her acting right there. O'Dell remarked that it's especially hard to revive a film career when it's on what some are calling Is dyrus asian Hollywood equivalent of "life support. Please enter address to continue.

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