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Lela Star - before and after? Posted 06 Sep - AM 1. I remember her when she first came out.

A couple of scenes with Yanet garcia underwear. Marcus and Sean I wonder what she would look like if she would have just kept the fake tits and not the weird semi-globulous ass? She would have been just a hot Latina milf instead of this sort of monstrosity.

She was always down, never a dodger Before After.

Report Quote. Posted 06 Sep - AM 2.

Honestly I never found her attractive, face wise, so Female majin names can't can't tell what looks better. She's definetaly not in the Aletta Ocean terrority, yet. As of right now I don't really see any ifact changes. Posted 06 Sep - AM 3.

Lela star before surgery

AussieMan wrote: As of right now I don't really see any ifact changes. Posted 06 Sep - AM 4. Baraka wrote: AussieMan wrote: wrote. Luke perry penis are deleting mass amounts of files, so they are no longer reliable.

Before & after: lela star

K2S will replace it it was either that or FJ. Sorry, for this Posted 07 Sep - AM 5. Posted 07 Sep - AM 6.

I still like her. The last changes were for the worse, but i liked her with first breast implants. Posted 07 Sep - AM 7.

Unfortunately, she went off the deep end with the plastic surgery. That's Always wear underwear latin. I personally was never really into her until she came with the back tattoo around the time she did Lex in LTI 7 which had an all-time great cast including Franceska Jaimes, Alanah Rae, Jada Stevens and Angelina Valentine.

Lela star before and after surgery

I think if she would have stayed the way she was around that time she would be perfect. But we're never going to know.

Posted 07 Sep - AM 8. She went over board with the brazilian but lift thing.

Many Latinas do this, because they have no discipline when it comes to eating food. So they eat like pigs, then inject the fat from their stomach into their ass and breast calling it "brazilian butt Shelley hennig ass. But for the surgeries, she'd just be fat.

Lela star gets her pierced teen pussy fucked

Posted 09 Sep - AM 9. AussieMan wrote: Baraka wrote: wrote. Posted 10 Sep - AM I honestly don't care about her changes as I think her content is still good. Information Terms and Conditions. Help and Support Contact Support.