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Dancer bova picking coc to dances

I exploded and pending activities mighty she was boning.

black girl Sophia

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My age: I'm over forty
I speak: English, Polish
I like: Learning foreign languages

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Permalink master. Branches Tags.

Could not load branches. Could not load tags. Raw Blame.

Haha doody. DUTY Seems unused. Related To 36].

No sex until this is reset to 0. Set to -1 betrayed, set to -2 if covered for. Reducto will probably reduce this.

Izma counter. Also used to track if LaBova has ever been used. She now stalks you from rooftops while buying graphite helmets, utility belts, and a sweet, jetpowered car in the theme of a rat.

This also controls Bl visual novels egg's shell color. This is important for when Ember has hybrid forms. You might want to control this with the Type flag since only default Embers use this variable. Every item use and every time you use the egg as a masturbation aid, this will be incremented.

Threshold for birthing is 5, but the birthing process can only be triggered when using as a masturbatory aid. This is done to allow players the chance to modify Ember before actually hatching.


There is a need to track this, but only 1 Zane sex stories stat for every Ember. Needed to hatcH! Hacky, need to do something better, but this works for now. Drops if you drink pure honey, rises if you drink phouka whiskey.