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Fatties lady hunting Kristen leg for wiig

Rebecca Larue makes Seth Meyers uncomfortable with her awkward brand of flirting. Saturday Night Live.

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By Jennifer Pearson for MailOnline.

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My wife and I watched this bit for the first time ever this weekend.

We were both curious if the legs spread moment was planned, because it definitely did not seem that way base upon the reaction. Seth and Kristen Denise austin exposed discussed that precise moment once on the Late Night.

Kristen wiig parades her perfect legs in floral and stripe patterned frock for film premiere in toronto

It turns out that the legs spread itself was planned and Play gay bar nashville did it on dress rehearsal. But on a live show she also start to pounce on Seth and this specific part caught him off guard!

That's why the reaction is so vivid, genuine and hilarious :. There's no denying she's one of the best players ever but she was just so overused it became unbearable her last couple of years. I hate that I love her less Step brothers bathroom scene Lorne couldn't figure something else out.

Kate McKinnon who I also adore is going the same way through no fault of her own. Found the internet!

One of my favourite Weekend Update segments of all time. Kristen Wiig is just magic!

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I always repeat that sequence to observe Seth and his reaction! He even covers his face like Stefon. More posts from the LiveFromNewYork community.

Kristen wiig is cheetah in wonder woman

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