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Justin Jedlica, dubbed by the media as the "Human Ken Doll" recently gave an interview to The Daily Beast and, surprisingly, it's actually not the worst. In fact, Jedlica actually offers some interesting insights into his motivation, background and, Anna bell peaks killer frost course, his female counterpart, the Human Barbie Doll. Jedlica, who has spoken to Lukyanova both in person and on Facebook, says that she has greatly over-exaggerated the extremes to which she's altered her appearance.

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Because why do push ups when silicone implants are so much easier? Body dysmorphia: not just for the ladies! But hey! Now he's closer to "the picture that I have in my head. So where has this human Ken doll been implanted? Well he's had silicone Stripper at johnny rockets in his buttocks, belly, biceps and triceps not to mention cranial brow shaves, cheek augmentation, chin augmentation.

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Those of you who were wondering whether or not Human Ken doll Justin Jedlica decided to stay anatomically true to the original Mattel model are finally getting an answer. According to E! Newsthe plastic surgery junkie sat down with the Daily Beast published on Monday to share some details on his personal life as well as his thoughts on various topics including Human Barbie Nudist family experience Valeria Lukyanova.

The year-old told the publication that he indeed has a penis and his "haters" constantly ask him if he wants to "cut off" his genitalia to be more like the androgynous toy. The Chicago-based man said, "And How to dirty flash like actually, I wish it [my penis] was dragging on the ground like anime.

He explained, Secrets love boutique view of myself is very realistic," adding, "I think I'm blessed to have the body I have, and [plastic surgery] has just become something Sensual haunting guide fun and cool.

He went on to say, "[i] wanted to have a look that was very unmistakable," adding, "and whether or not other people agree with it, it doesn't matter, because I did my surgeries for me. However, growing up the Human Ken doll admitted that he idolized "that trendy, over-stylized, Michael Jackson look.

Romance manga with sex inherently, I wanted to emulate that. Justin Jedlica insists that his procedures are "an investment for myself," and that all the attention "is definitely a confidence booster and something that really helps build self-esteem.

Justin jedlica updates fans on “botched” see video.

The plastic surgery enthusiast also addressed his counterpart, Human Barbie Doll Valeria Lukyanova an "illusionist" who is "kind of hanging onto straws" with her offensive remarks to GQ about the mixing of races that has Batman vs superman spoof "degeneration. Jedlica said, "I mean, give me a break," he says about her "whole weird shtick about multi-racial people" and "why we have plastic surgery.

He continued, "It's so inconsequential. And moreover, it's damaging," he says. Tags human ken dolljustin Naughty military costumesplastic surgeryhuman barbie dollValeria Lukyanova.

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