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Halloween is fast upon us. Here are two DIY Halloween costumes for your pup that are as cute as they are easy.

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He was killed on the Ides of March, a date we know as March 15th in an assassination plot carried Teen in nightgown by his fellow statesman. A Gingers steal souls line from a play is "Et tu, Brute? So, you either love history or feel like you have no friends, which is it? Your homemade Caesar costume will probably be made with materials you already have in your house. You can start out with a big white sheet.

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Julius Caesar was a Roman general who was born in B. He acted as a governor of Gaul before returning to Rome and nominating himself as the Roman Empire's new dictator.

Caesar appears as a character in many plays and movies and usually wears a toga and a crown made from gold leaves, both of which were common for Roman leaders to wear. Charlize theron panties Julius Caesar costume is cheap and easy to make at home using bedsheets and a few other materials. Drape a white sheet over your right shoulder, and then wrap it around your waist once and secure it in place with safety pins.

The sheet should reach almost to the floor at both the front and the back. Drape a burgundy bedsheet over your left shoulder, and let half of it fall down the front of your body and half down your back. Straight actors gay kiss it in place with safety pins.

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Draw a sideways leaf measuring 2 inches by 1 inch on a piece of white cardstock. Draw another one next to it, making sure they overlap.

Repeat until you have a row of leaves that is long enough to stretch around your head. Cut out the ed-together leaves as one piece, wrap them in a circle like a crown and glue the two ends Wynonna judd sexy.

Spray paint this crown gold, and leave it to dry. Get the largest white sheet you can find.

The burgundy sheet can be a little smaller. You can untuck the back Grace park sexy photos of the burgundy sheet from the belt and drape it over your right arm if you don't mind having your arm out of action all evening.

Brown sandals are okay if you can't find gold ones. Donna Dove has more than 12 years Linda hamilton sexy editing and writing for national publications in the United Kingdom.

Her experience includes magazines such as "OK! Roman statue of Caesar on dark red background image by Denis Topal from Fotolia.

Share It. Wrap a gold rope around your waist and over both sheets, and tie it in a knot. Tip Get the largest white sheet you can find.

Warnings: Be careful not to stab yourself with the safety pins when you are pinning the sheets in place. Discovery Channel: Rome. Be careful not to stab yourself with the safety pins when you are pinning the sheets in place.