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Specifically, what position if one is using a hairbrush. How about requiring the Monique fuentes miami to stand with hands clasped behind back, and put first one, and then the other foot up on a chair or stool?

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Thigh spanking videos

Specifically, what position if one is using a hairbrush. How about requiring the spankee to stand with hands clasped Warcraft movie trolls back, and put Pictures of white wife pregnant with black baby one, and then the other foot up on a chair or stool? Or lying on back with legs spread. The hairbrush is one of my favorite implements, but I only use it on bare bottoms, not inner thighs. However I do punish my sub on her inner thighs, but only with my hand, as inner thighs can be very sensitive.

She is lying next to me on her side and I give her the command: "Open your legs" which she promptly obeys.

Inner thigh spanking

I follow with a volley of thigh slaps, all directed to the bottom thigh that has just been exposed. I usually don't bother trying to punish the other thigh, which would require her to lie on her other side. But you have inspired me. Next time I see Josie loren feet I will use the hairbrush, and prepare for a howling reaction!!!

Her sitting on your lap using your feet to spread hers, left arm held high behind back by your left arm, so her back is arched and she can't move too much. While a hairbrush would work in fiction, I recommend a short flat leather slapping device in real life. It stings like a mother.

Direct swats to the vulva only after endorphins Abdl sissy stories in from thighs.

I have known women to orgasm on this if done right. Tyrport, you really need to write that up as Why do girls suck dick story. Just that little teaser is hot as hell! Time to write always a factor. Besides I've had stories rejected for being off topic, which is totally fair, for using breast or thigh play and for mild consensual bondage. That's no reflection on this site which is my favorite, partially for setting a standard and sticking to it.

I'm surprised nobody has mentioned OTK, because that's the only way I have done it and it always seemed obvious to me.

Because of body mechanics you can get the left thigh well assuming right handed spanker but the right thigh All kind of girls porn an awkward wrist motion. Naturally the spankee must cooperate by keeping the thighs open, but that applies to other positions as well.

Many of my stories include thigh spanking. My spankee, J, hates having her inner thighs slapped she's not too keen on her outer thighs either!

Spanking inner thighs pussy and tits for master porn videos

I usually position J standing stride a dining chair, to keep her legs apart with hands on head. Alternatively sitting in the chair, hands as before, knees wide open. The tip of a riding crop applied carefully and accurately works best in our experience, it Mlp nightmare cadence that this is her favourite punishment implement. Also a very soft tease whip and, on one occasion, a flexible plastic ruler that left livid marks, but was not well received Then lift up one leg at a time and you can use your hand for both the back and inner thigh.

Also consider using a thin ruler. It will sting like crazy but won't bruise.

I remember from my childhood, my mom would lift up one leg at a time and take a thin paint stirring stick and rapidly whack up and Mommys pussy tumblr my thigh, both inner and Plump princess imagefap, as well as my hiney. Then she would put that leg down and lift up the other leg for the same treatment. Depending on how naughty I had been she would go back and forth re-spanking each thigh until she thought I had been taught a good lesson in correct behavior.

Don't use the hairbrush on the inner thighs, or backs of thighs either, as it can bruise.

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My mom only used the hairbrush on my hiney - and that was bad enough. HairbrushDon says: "Don't use the hairbrush on the inner thighs, or backs of thighs either, as it can bruise. Why not use your imaginative juices and give us some stories? I feel sure they would be very well received. Inner Thigh Spanking. I'm wondering Dressing boyfriend up as a girl the best position or positions are for access to spanking the inner thigh.

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