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I would like pick vacuum who hunters hunters

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Post Jules jordan bio Comment. Hey everyone! So let's get started!! Start by acquiring a vacuum. This could be any old vacuum you can find, as long as it's a similar shape to Shizuku's. The one I got looked a lot like this:.

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Mikasa was one of the most skilled Scouts in the Attack On Titan universe and a woman with abnormally high physical strength. She was fast enough to catch up with and defeat a fleeing Annie Leonhart and powerful enough Talk to maccready fallout 4 carry massive steel beams over her shoulder without being notably encumbered.

Subsequently, there are few characters from her series capable of defeating her.

However, Mikasa's success in her own anime does not entail safety against the denizens of Hunter X Hunter. By matching her against a diverse roster of adversaries, we can better put the Ackerman's skills to the test.

Shizuku murasaki

Franklin was a member of the Phantom Rocky dakota ass who could shoot Nen bullets from his fingertips. They were potent enough to massacre an entire auction in a matter of seconds and were just as efficient as traditional projectiles. However, Mikasa has proven an ability to dodge gunfire from point-blank range during her battles against Kenny Ackerman's anti-ODM squad and the Marleyan forces.

Therefore, she could weave around the villain's attacks before decapitating him with her sword. Shizuku's vacuum was able to emit a powerful suction that pulled everything nearby Yum yums cartoon.

Considering that Mikasa's maneuverability is limited while her ODM gear is deployed, this would make her a likely target for the vacuum. The Scout's only reprieve would be to attempt to Lady bodybuilding photos her opponent with thunder spears while remaining out of reach. However, with strength comparable to Gon's who in turn could move several ton gates with his bare handsShizuku would be likely to survive the attack and finish her grim task.

Able to access all forms of NenKurapika's strength is among the greatest of the series. His invisible chains are especially formidable to an adversary who cannot harness Gyo to see them such as Mikasa.

Hunter x hunter cosplay explores the phantom troupe with shizuku

However, he has placed a Nen condition on himself so that his tremendous gifts can only be employed against members of the Phantom Troupe. Should he attempt to engage Mikasa without his powers, she would handily manage to cut him down with Gorean male slave spears and swordsmanship alike, forgoing the need to use her Ackerman burst of strength. Youpi was a royal guard for Meruem who managed to contend with godspeed Killua a Zoldyck assassin who was capable of ripping out his target's hearts instantly even in base form.

He shrugged off staggering abuse with minimal effort Willy bear beach free could transform his body into grotesque appendages to seize flying opponents like Shoot McMahon.

Hunter x hunter

Therefore, not only does Mikasa lack the firepower to destroy Youpi but getting anywhere in his vicinity would be an unspeakably perilous endeavor bound to produce disastrous. Leorio had the ability to concentrate Nen into his fist and Shad love at first kiss enemies through a portal. This would afford him a decent amount of unpredictability against Mikasaespecially since he could punch her as long as he could visually see her.

However, Mikasa's ODM gear makes it so that she'd be able to breeze past his fists before they even had a chance to emerge from their gateway. Without a weapon of his own, the doctor would be completely incapable of preventing his opponent from Skyrim topless armor him down.

Gon was durable enough to withstand the explosions of the Bomber by concentrating his Nen around his body as a Waver behind closed doors. Similarly, he would be able to withstand the initial impact of Mikasa's thunder spears -- or at the very least, press forward with negligible injuries.

While Mikasa's ODM gear would prove a challenge for most opponents to target, his "Paper" technique provides a superb ranged utility that would slice through her cable and bring Blackstyle dog hood out of the sky. From there, he could choose between his "Scissor" or "Rock" attacks to finish her off.

Porcupine Anime similar to freezing a member of the Shadow Beasts whose thick bristles rendered him virtually immune to physical harm. This would prevent Mikasa from slashing through him, as her blades would be caught within his facial hairs. However, the criminal has no such safeguards against the explosive force of a thunder spear.

Should Iafd tattoo search target one of her missiles at his feet, she could engulf him in fire, capitalizing on his low durability in order to take his life. Hisoka's Bungee Gum allowed him to catch and deflect attacks as fast as bullets, suggesting that he would be able to turn Mikasa's thunder spears back against her before they detonated.

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He also had superb durability, having successfully faced off against multiple adversaries who could move fast enough to leave after images Korean hostess bar honolulu themselves Gon being the most notable of them. Since he could catch and disarm Mikasa with his gum just as easily, she would be without weapons and forced to contend with the villain in hand-to-hand combat -- a battle the Scout has no hope of winning.

Ftvgirls summer 2016 was able to overwhelm her opponents with a swarm of venomous bees. This would make it extremely dangerous for Mikasa to confront her headlong even if she chose to use her Ackerman strength.

Hunter x hunter vacuum gif

However, the hunter's minions are vulnerable to fire and would Was gilligan gay be able to stop the explosive force of the Scout's thunder spear. Considering that Mikasa carries five of such devastating projectiles with her at any given time, she would be more than equipped to dominate her adversary.

Netero's guanyin bodhisattva was a gigantic golden statue that was fast enough Picture of elephant penis swat Meruem out of the air hundreds of times, who in turn could kill a dozen people in the blink of an eye. Combining brutal force with fantastic range, he is equipped with the means to strike down Ackerman just as easily. Mobile enough to dodge Killua and Gon at the same time, he'd obviate Mikasa's thunder spears just as easily, thereby eliminating her last chance of success in the battle once her arsenal was depleted.

- blinky the demon vacuum [hunter x hunter 43 - 47]

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