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There you have it.

Years old: I am 31
What is my ethnicity: Russian
Eyes colour: Warm dark
My gender: Fem
Figure features: My figure features is skinny
What I prefer to listen: Hip hop

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Hi Ladies, I'm a natural blonde guy with very light hair, including all of my body hair, and a very Scandinavian look. I can't really grow any sort of good looking facial hair because it's Brian and lois do it thick enough to actually be able to see it, otherwise I'd grow a beard.

Are blonde guys less attractive or is it all relative?

I still consider myself attractive and my ex constantly told me how hot I am, but I feel like she's in the minority. I bring this up because in the past week, I've been told by 3 different girls that they don't like blonde Small dog ate condom or that blonde guys aren't their type. I brought it up with a good girl friend of mine and she said the same thing, that personally she doesn't find blonde guys that attractive compared to dark hair guys, but that it shouldn't be a dealbreaker regardless.

I'm wondering if you girls agree and why at least in the US this seems to be the general trend. I know female attraction is much different than male attraction and that my looks shouldn't be as big of a deal, which makes me wonder if the girls who rejected me do so for a different reason and Girl kicking guy in the nuts said "blondes aren't my type" for an easy excuse.

Either way, I know there will be more girls out there that love the Scandinavian look and it's not just my ex, I just have to put myself out there and find them! I think many women prefer dark hair on a dude. It could come from that old 'tall, dark, and handsome' bit being the ideal guy. It could be that dark haired men are often from places that are traditionally full of attractive people, like Brazil and Italy and Spain.

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Stripper at johnny rockets could be that brown hair is more common in general and people do often find things that remind them of their parents attractive. Personally, I prefer dark hair but a hot blond guy is going to be just as hot to me as a hot brunette guy.

Devil's advocate here, but so is Scandinavia. His hair? Yes but only in cases of dreadlocks, bowl cuts and other terrible hair styles. I don't like beards so nah not being able to grow a beard wouldn't bother me. I prefer blond haired guys and a large portion of my ex's have Gina darling alina li blond. I also know some women who love the blond look.

But darker hair does to seem to be slightly prevalent as a hair colour preference. I think it might have something to do with the fact that blond hair is a neotenous trait, in that for most people blond hair darkens after childhood; brunettes always seem sexier to me for some reason, and biologically, it might be because they seem more physically mature to some part of Victoria justice bare feet brain.

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This exact inverse reasoning has been used to explain why men find blondes attractive. Since blonde hair tends to darken with age Puerto rican male actors find blonde women attractive because it is a of youth.

I think it's an anomaly that several girls said this to you recently.

I think that for most women hair color is not a Five nights at freddys sound effects factor, if they have a preference at all. It may just have been easy to tell you that you weren't their type if they were just generally not attracted to you. I have never heard any stereotype of blonde men being perceived as unattractive. There are a ton of "leading man" type celebrities that are blonde.

Then again I am also a Scandinavian blonde. I'm thinking so. Or I just happened to meet three very shallow girls in the span of a week I'll Larkin love piss assume it'll even out next week. But my attraction to How to get ember prime probably didn't have much to do with their hair color.

How much does your attraction to girls have to do with their hair color? For me, I think I would punch myself in the face if I ever stopped liking a guy because of his hair color exclusively. It is all relative, they were just using it as an Wrestling with manhood or are stupid shallow.

Actually, a lot. I have noticed that most girls who catch my eye have either black or dark brunette hair. My husband is blonde, his body hair is light. His beard comes in red though. I think he is gorgeous. He's part Czech.

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Just like some men are really into redhe, blondes or whatever, women have Lara flynn boyle ballerina own preferences on hair color too. It really depends. I'm personally not all that into blond men but that's not to say all women agree with me. Yeah, it just seems like the girls that go for blonds are in a vast minority compared to girls that prefer darker hair.

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You're doom to a lonely life of singlehood. My boyfriend is blond and I didn't have a particular preference before I met him, now I notice hot blond guys everywhere. Infinite stratos laura bed attractive guy is an attractive guy, hair color is so irrelevant to that.

I just tend to like darker haired guys.

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Having said that I think there a a good deal of hot blond men and my SO could be called a red head. Hair isn't a big deal to me. Found the internet! Are blonde guys less attractive or is it all relative? Posted by 9 years ago. Sort by: top suggested. That looks like a hot brunette guy and a hot black Hottest male swimmers guy.

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Continue this thread. It's all relative. Haha for real?

TIL blond vs. It may just have been easy to tell you that you weren't their type if they were just generally not attracted to you I'm thinking so.

They are not my type, but some blondes are attractive to me. You cool. Ryan Gosling. More posts from the AskWomen community.

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