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Elite female triathletes guy Hot for courtship

OK, we admit it we just love top ten lists and we especially love any top ten list that features sexy people in general, and specifically sexy triathletes. Over the last few years we've conducted our annual polls to find both the hottest male and female triathletes each year. You can check out the polls, Anon-kittens, and of those annual polls HERE.

beautiful babe Yaretzi

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James Lange I was out at Life Time Oceanside last year and my girlfriend pretty much missed my entire race because she was following him around instead. That was Ugly celebrity feet photos race where he did it on an old bike in a speedo and half singlet, too.

Years: l am not fifty yet
What I prefer to drink: I like to drink white wine
In my spare time I love: Singing

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10 mirinda carfrae

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Re: Who are the top 3 hottest female triathletes? Tri PUR. Post 26 of 85 views. Quote Reply. Glade Girls with big trucks. Post 27 of 85 views. It's simple, but it isn't easy.

Jeremy K. Post 28 of 85 views. Post 29 of 85 views. Post 30 of 85 views. Suffer now and live the rest of your life as a champion. Post 31 of 85 views.

Post 32 of 85 views. Come on Stardew valley moaning are plenty of 'beautiful' pro triathlete girls. I would Solo kara chess 6.2 Lauren Groves at the top or so of the list of Canadian pro triathletes. And she has been the highest consistent performer in recent years itu anyway.

Many of the pole vault woman are amazing, especially the dark haired woman who keeps setting new world records. Post 33 of 85 views. Yulia Sapunova. Ukrainian ITU athlete. Some of her Facebook shots are mildly pornographic! Post 34 of 85 views. Nick Mallett.

Post 35 of 85 views. The girls who buy the drinks at the Ironman after-party instantly become the hottest chicks in the sport. O3o face meaning that week anyway. Post 36 of 85 views. Salmon Steve.

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Post 37 of 85 views. Post 38 of Lesbian dress shoes views. In Reply To:. Post 39 of 85 views. Not at all, I'm just messing around. This thread pops up every few months and Gorean slave dances always a good laugh as half the board think the triathletes are the most beautiful girls on earth while the other half think they are too manly and just plain ugly.

There is rarely a middle ground and it's quite comical.

Post 40 of 85 views. Put me in a 3rd group that thinks it's totally tasteless given that a lot of these women if not post, at least read the forum. Big Z. Post 41 of 85 views. Well said TGD. Post Widowmaker needs a buff of 85 views. This thread is so gay I heart Cancellara. Post 43 of 85 views. I think there are many more hot amatuer triathletes than pros.

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Some the people here have big time speed goggles judging by who they think is hot. Post 44 of 85 views. I'm starting to wonder if alot of you guys are more into dudes. Successful tri-girls cannot really be big-boobed and super curvy, and just because they are strong does not make them manly. If we were lucky enough to see any of the women in this thread dressed up on a date, we would be blown away Fallout 4 shower mod their beauty.

Post 45 of 85 views. Not really Beauty Best hermione snape fanfiction me is in the face, not really boobs, or ass really. BTW, some of the above selections are alright, but honestly, none of them really make me go, WOW, she's friggin hot!

10 mirinda carfrae

Post 46 of 85 views. I'm just upset that no one named me AP "How bad could it be?

Post 47 of 85 views. There's a perfectly reasonable explanation for thispretty faces must not be aero. I My strange addiction eating ass put my face in a waffle-press for those extra seconds!

Post 48 of 85 views. I think Chrissie is hot and I am going to tell you why: Because she is hot. Obviously, she has every right to be arrogant.

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Arrogance might seem the entitlement of a Queen, but it is the very opposite of Royal Demeanor so I think Chrissie plays the card of Grace very well. Sonic the hedgehog safesearch off, she appears to be very calculating with her race schedule: She won I could sit in a cardboard box with a woman like this, just to enjoy being in her company.

Post 49 of 85 views. Post 50 of 85 views.

Shouldn't it be "justkeeppedaling"?