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I girl like date bathroom who like mens

Happened at the park over the summertime. Haroon khan naked picture girl decided to hop into the men's restroom and her friend stood in the doorway as the lone woman essentially occupied like 3 stalls and 3 urinals just cuz she didn't want to wait in the women's line.

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Behind her, two friends shriek loudly whilst sneaking sideways glances at the same guy across the room. You can only just see through the door, where there are three cubicles, all of which remain stubbornly occupied. A solitary man leaves the bathroom next door and he for the Soleil moon frye big tits. There is no line. Meanwhile, the girl four spaces ahead is wearing a jumpsuit. Things are reaching a critical point.

How old am I: 25
Nationality: Peruvian
Sexual orientation: Man
My gender: Fem
Hair: Fair
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What's Your Opinion On? Taking a young girl to the Claudia cardinale breasts toilet? Out and about recently I have seen a few families where the Dad takes their young daughter to the men's toilet when she needs the bathroom even though the Mum is with them.

Should the Mum have taken her to the ladies instead?

Or would you mind a Man accompanying his Daughter to the ladies? Would you feel uncomfortable with your Daughter being in the men's toilet?

Woman in mens bathroom stock photos and photography are available royalty-free.

Original poster's comments 1. Dh would use the disabled.

No way would he take our little girl in the mens. I only have boys and I take them to the ladies toilets, I don't see the difference.

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The ladies toilets can be pretty vile too. When I worked in pubs the toilets for men and women were equally as disgusting. Escocesita Group Owner. This is Ella woods freeones total non-issue for me.

I'd be more pissed off if he took my DDs to a disabled toilet unnecessarily. Like Gem I don't see the issue.

Yep, I do this. I've never had anyone look surprised when I walk in.


Pre-kids and now I've never The witcher celina it odd when a man walked in with a girl. You have to go looking for a cock to see one in the men's toilet.

Men here tend to take their lgs to the ladies. No problem, no one complains Harem collector download raises an eyebrow. I suppose it's the fact that the men's have urinals I think it would be different for a lot of people if it was just cubicles in both toilets. I really don't see this as an issue!

DH often takes Dd into the male toilet.

Is it okay: for women to use the men’s bathroom?

I'm surprised that anyone has a problem with this. I dont see why it would be an issue?

Yes they're gross but you wipe the seat first. Also not being funny but its not as if a dad would take lg in there to stand around the urinal staring at penis's. Power rangers yaoi I should tell dh that he van no longer take our dd to the toilet.

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