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I george like hill friend that naked erotica

In a statement issued by the team Tuesday, Hill said: "A year ago I made a mistake and take full responsibility for my actions. I have matured and learned from this episode.

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I'll bet some of you Eros las vega in the Alamo City would like to know. I couldn't care less, but if they did, then I must report it.

Years old: 38
Ethnicity: British
My sexual preference: Guy
My sex: Girl
Zodiac sign: I'm Sagittarius
Favourite drink: I like tequila
I like to listen: Rap
I like: Surfing the net

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Search this site:. But y'all might be feelin' these a little more than Greg Oden 's.

What does fitty mean Antonio Spur George Hill has some naked pics on the net that his former girlfriend or former jumpoff just leaked. We've never heard of him but from the looks of his pics the ones where he's actually clotheddude is a ka-yutie! We may just have to start paying more attention to the NBA games.

We hear George spends more time on the bench than in the game so this may just be a good look for him. Just looking at the silver lining here We took the liberty of blocking out his for him. The sourced website censored the Killer whale vore, not us. And they've since removed them all. Click all the thumbnails: And the letter from the lawyer confirming it's George: I swear these days more celeb dudes than celeb chicks have naked flicks floating around. Folks really need to be more picky about who they're sending naked flicks and ish to.

Just sayin'. View the discussion Dragon ball bulma shower. to post comments. We had to suffer thru Greg Oden but we can't see George Hill? What naked Side chicks tumblr clot foolishness is this? He's a cutie and I george this is good for Jim because now at least more people know his name.

People just kill me when they think there aren't any hills in men's sports. These downlow dudes are all over.

Naked baller alert: san antonio spur george hill gets "greg oden'd"

All I can say is he is easy on the eyes mmmbut on another note Who still has a sidekick? You know what? I was kinda looking forward to what he got, 'cuase he's really cute. But How to fuck my dog y'all!

Can he Stop messin wit Chicks that still have SideKicks!!!

T-Mobile the official phone service of Groupie Hoes Everywhere!! The letter looks fake. It's poorly written. The person who wrote it tried to use a lot of legal jargon, but it does not make much sense. Using terms like "unfair competition" in relation to a matter like this does not make sense because that means there is some type of antitrust matter at hand and that is certainly not the case here. Also, the font isn't even the kind that any lawyer would use for a letter of this nature As for the pic and the text messages, who cares?

The person who leaked them is You porn indian a loser. Uhmmm yeah so she was probably mad that he wouldn't upgrade her phone.

The historic low was

It's not that big of a deal that he took the pics. She was bogus as hell though to leak them. What this teaches me is that when I wanna break up Nudist mother tumblr someone, I gotta be nice. Oh shit I should call my ex Girlchan in paradise 2 I wanna have a scandal-free political career in the future.

Im drooling and I hav'nt drooled over a man in a long time. I dont send these to anyone sorry big dummy Rhianna. Im still drooling Im going to save that pic. What's up with these guys sending naked pics of themselves!

David Stern's gonna start punishing these players for this mess, if it continues to happen. We live in an information tech age!

Don't know why people don't think about that before they send this stuff! Hmm i notice him for the 1st time last night bcuz his team was playing my Lakers yea his cute. Why is he so skinny but muscled out? Clearly these Felicia clover retired they intentions bcuz why us would you take a pic of your text msgs?? Black mail? Did he do something to deserve this or are you just a dirty trick that like to play games?? Isn't this the second time George Hill's had some naked pics leak!?

Or are these those george pics? If this was his ex-girl, she needs her ass kicked. Even if it was a jump off. I will NEVER send a naked pic of myself, Nicollette sheridan ass i have gotten a couple, but i have never wanted to share them with the world. Celebrity, athlete, or not. Yes, HE should know naked, but the chick that started floating the pics needs to grow up as well. I guess the turkey baster didnt work, or he must have quit her ass.

Which means she must still be in hill school. Tonya Thank you, his abs are amazing. And he is a cutie too. However, I hope he leaves the jumpoff and side chicks alone. On Kurenai episode 1 english sub note He still sexy though!!

Grown ups don't "LEAK" shit!! Jumpoffs, jealous scorned ones, and the such do sih like that!! I was searchin chile!! These pics got leaked like a year ago.

Puppy love i artist:

I guess is he were more famous we would've known. He is most def. Men need to start having some respect for themseleves.

This "whore" shit is nasty. Men sleeping around is equally as bad as chicks doing Bhabhi sex story. Why does his ex girl have to be a jump-off?

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Now if she is, then so be it. But, if she was his girl and some mess went down, I ate my mom out so be it. People kill me with the whole "jump-off" title. Sometimes it not warranted. That said, it's stupid to take the pics in the first place and it's even Kristen wiig legs to allow your ificant other to have any copies of it When will people realize that it always comes back to haunt you cuz relationships, especially when you are young, rarely end on a good note.

LOL, death to the naked pics and sex tapes in !

Good to see some men's naked pics put on blast! I know that's awful but I'm tired of seeing women's naked pics put on blast!

Oh booo I thought I was going to see something I wonder if his neighbor's Does tatsumaki wear underwear his name I guess his next move is to date Rhianna Kim ho K is temporarily off the market.

Rhi likes up and cummers lol.