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I'm looking Ganguro girl that version slappers

Ganguro Girl is published on xGames as a part of our best adult games list.

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When you do so, a space may appear before the "20". Remove the space, then confirm the name.

She will ask you a question. Answer correctly and her meter will go up.

Repeat this until her meter is full, then leave. Uses for items: Hair Dye: When a sweat drop appears in the hair area.

EZ Tan Oil: When your date seems mad angry face. Make Up: When red blush-like circles are under your date's eyes.

Easy date: Press the Right Mouse Button and press "Play" during a date for a one of two questions to appear. You may have to select "Play" twice for it to appear. Once the question appears, using this trick again to bring up the Ahs tate costume question repeatedly, making the date easy.

Never get arrested: When doing the "Delivery" job and you end up jailed, while on the jail screen where you are behind bars sweatingpress Dabs with dad Right Mouse Button and select "Play". If nothing occurs, do it again. You will most likely end up in the club talking to Saori, and all the things she is able to say while on relationship level "Stranger" will start. Select "Play" again, to stop, then leave. You will now be back on the same exact day, with the same HP, and you can try the job again.

Getting the diary when you do not have it: While in the club with a girl, press the Right Mouse Button and select "Play". All possible things she can say at the current relationship level will scroll, until either you stop at a question you must answer or her diary opens up.

Ganguro girl v

This is useful for finding out what day is free for her. Keep in mind that you have to do this every Huntik lok and sophie until you actually find the diary. Having Ganguro Girl codes we dont have yet?

More Infos. Ganguro Girl Cheats.

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