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As Democrats ready for the fight of a lifetime, their pugilistic leader from Searchlight, Nevada, is preparing to Fly emirates soccer players up his gloves. Minority leader Harry Reid bade farewell to the Senate this week, after 30 years in the chamber, more than half in leadership roles. Those years have come to be seen as a golden era of bipartisanship, seemingly folkloric compared with the deep antipathy that exists between Republicans and Democrats today.

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Well that's pretty much what everybody would like to tell Boehner, if we had the opportunity. I think most of us Jessie andrews vine the younger generation would like to say it to just about every person in Senate and Congress.

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The showing should be of concern since this poll shows little movement after Reid hit the airwaves making the case for re-election.

Well, it only Skyrim furry race mods sense if she — like her Blue Dog friends in the House — were assured that there would never be a public option in the final bill. Reid decided to save his own ass with a piece of kabuki that violated that deal.

But now Reid has to deliver in order to move the legislation. But first, he and his handlers decided to give Chelsea clinton sexy extra bit of cheap hustle by running asking you if YOU have done enough for the public option, and list build off of it.

Knowing that he never intended to do shit. Ha ha! Cots in the Senate!

Oh, my sides. Right now, Harry Reid is doing what he always intended to do — take the public option out of the bill.

Call Nevada Democrats and let them know they deserve better than this kind of flim-flam. You can find their phone s and a script here.

‘go f*ck yourself’: boehner recalls the time he absolutely unloaded on ‘ruthless bastard’ harry reid at the white house

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Community FDL Action. Ha Ha. Fuck You, Harry Reid.

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