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So far, one very bleeped catchphrase has emerged from this American Idol season: "Shit fire and save matches, fuck a duck and see what hatches," which Steven Tyler has now unleashed twice during the week-plus that he's Mob talker fanfiction been on Idol duty. But what on earth could it mean? Google turned up one useful result—a from the thriller The Samurai Strategy —and a bunch of people who were wondering the same thing we were.

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Exclaiming fuck a duck conveys surprise, frustration, anger, or other such heightened emotions. Telling someone to go fuck Dating naked uncesored duck is a more colorful way of telling them to go screw themselves.

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Fuck a duck and see what hatches!

Man, this dude just did not shut up. The season premiere was basically a lavish infomercial for the new judges. The audition episodes are usually a freak show of tone-deaf hopefuls, but Tyler and Jennifer Lopez are really the ones auditioning here, while Randy Jackson is already pissed off that nobody Virtual date with rachel walkthrough him still hanging around.

Last night whoooo! You gotta reel those wild horses in! Do you mind?

Talking here. As I was saying Boom boom ska-powza!

Basically, Tyler talked a lot and drooled over the ladies. Beach Boys?

Steven tyler quotes

Well done, Aerosmith! The age difference between him and a year-old is bigger than the age difference between him and Strom Thurmond.

The contestants? Rude, sure, but pretty awesome.

This was just opening night. Newswire Powered by.

Close the menu. Rolling Stone.

Fuck a duck

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