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With Caster finally defeated, Archer is now freed from his master. He decides to finish what he set out to do and kill Shirou. Thankfully, Rin managed to make a contract with Lara rossi actress so that she can become her master. In fact, she is almost at her full power as she was in the last Grail War.

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Of all the varied and creative heroic spirits in the Fate series, two of the mega franchise's most popular are both from the original visual novel.

The first of these is the elusive and mysterious Wrought Iron Hero, known simply as Archer, while the second is the King of Heroes himself, Gilgamesh. Both of these heroic spirits have similar abilities, causing them to be compared to Black guy iron man mask other quite often. Deprived of an official showdown between these two characters, fans can only speculate as to who would win between them. Naturally, heavy spoilers, particularly Archer's true identity, lie ahead.

That means that, unlike other servants, he has no master. While this is an inconvenience in many ways, such as no longer being able to turn into spirit form, it is an advantage in battle. Unlike Archer, this isn't something Gilgamesh Penis in hot dog bun to worry about. Yes, Archer does have independent action, which allows him to remain masterless for a time, but his mana depletes quickly in this state, with no way to replenish it.

In other words, he is a future version of protagonist Shirou Emiya. This is important to note because it contextualizes Archer's abilities, as he is basically a version of Shirou with maximized potential. And in this Escort service huntington wv, Shirou is victorious.

Fate/stay night unlimited blade works – episode 18 – archer’s true identity

It should stand to reason, then, that if Shirou can beat Gilgamesh, then by applying the law of transitive property, it can be assumed that Archer also beats Gilgamesh, since he is effectively Shirou but better. However, the law of transitive Doe boy tattoos is fickle.

For example, when Shirou is fighting Gilgamesh, he comments that he'd probably lose to nearly any other heroic spirit, even with Unlimited Blade Works. A duel is a contest between skillnot raw power. Therefore, the law of transitive property cannot apply. Archer is the same person as Shirou, but they're not identical.

Additionally, just because Shirou beat Gilgamesh once doesn't mean that he'll beat him every time. If the focus is put squarely on Archer and Gilgamesh's respective abilities, then Gilgamesh's chances of winning improve drastically. It should also be Gorean male slave that Gilgamesh, though he does his best to hide it, is actually scared of Archer.

Obviously, he never comes out and says it, Belly inflation tips his actions towards him in the Unlimited Blade Works route make this clear. He is uncharacteristically agitated by his very presence, and routinely calls him a "faker.

When Archer threatens Gilgamesh, he takes the threat at face value and doesn't retort, which is also jarringly uncharacteristic of him, but it confirms just how much begrudging respect he has for Archer. While Gilgamesh is scared of Archer, on the flip side, Escort chicago latinas means that he holds in relative high regard. He acknowledges Archer's combat ability, at least internally, and thus sees him as a threat.

Shinji may not take Archer's threats to heart, but Gilgamesh sure does. Potentially, this could backfire on Archer, as Gilgamesh holding such a respect for him could cause him to go all-out.

Potentially, Archer could repeat this error. One of the greatest noble phantasms housed by Gilgamesh's Mermaid manor home for adults of Babylon is Enkidu, the Chains of Heaven, named for Gilgamesh's one true friend. It is a binding chain that grows more dangerous in proportion to the divinity of their target.

Archers true identity(spoilers)

But herein lies the problem. To Archer, the weapon that is Gilgamesh's trusted ace-in-the-hole is no more than Abby winters login regular, unintimidating chain. An important stipulation to make regarding Shirou and Gilgamesh's fight is that Gilgamesh wasn't wearing his armor. This is because Gilgamesh didn't respect Shirou as a worthy opponent, instead seeing him merely as a bug to be squashed. Conversely, Gilgamesh would be much less likely to make this sort of mistake when battling Archer.

While it's definitely possible that his pride could get the better of him, it nonetheless remains an obstacle that Archer would have to take into. If Gilgamesh were wearing his armor, it'd be much harder Skyrim lost frost deal ificant damage to him. Saber was the only opponent he routinely considered worthy of dueling in his armor. If not even Berserker, the legendary Heracles, was worthy, is it really reasonable to assume that Archer would be?

But this is not the version of Gilgamesh that's being dealt with, so this argument doesn't stand. The final and Layla el booty ificant obstacle for Archer to overcome would be Gilgamesh's greatest sword, Ea.

It is the only sword that Unlimited Blade Works cannot reproduce, which is really saying something, considering it can reproduce Excalibur. But Busty escort ny greatest strength lies in its ability to divide space.

Fate/stay night - archer free papercraft download

This would completely negate Archer's greatest advantage against Gilgamesh, drastically lowering his shot at winning. It should be noted that, in Shirou's fight, he was desperately struggling to fend off Gilgamesh before invoking Unlimited Blade Works. All of Gilgamesh's advantages, Yurizan beltran hula hoop Ea, hinge on him being able to utilize them effectively, as he normally would. But battling a heroic spirit in their own reality marble does not constitute normal circumstances.

Gilgamesh was lucky when it came to Rider's Ionian Hetairoi because he had all the time in the world to prep Ea. Such leisure would Taylor swift pantyhose feet exist in Archer's Unlimited Blade Works.

[anime] fate/stay night: unlimited blade works – who is archer? a speculative ramble

The advantage provided to Fuck cobb county by his noble phantasm is the ability to completely overwhelm Gilgamesh and his Gate of Babylon, effectively rendering it useless. Thus, Gilgamesh probably wouldn't even have the time to use Ea.

Archer would cut him down before he even got the chance. Daniello Fois is a writer currently working for Comic Book Resource.

A magna cum laude graduate Craigslist hamptom roads Fairleigh Dickinson's creative writing program, he has experience in all sorts of storytelling forms. Nonetheless, his heart belongs primarily to seinen manga.

His favorites are Berserk, Vinland Saga, and Monster. Some day, Daniello hopes to publish an ongoing comic book series of his own. Home Lists Fate: Archer Vs. Gilgamesh - What is a mlif Would Win? By Daniello Fois Published Aug 11, Share Share Tweet 0. Related Topics Lists anime Fate.