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The Boca Raton native launched his comedy career in and made his debut on Adult Swim in

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How can you describe comedian Eric Andre?

Years old: I am 44
Caters to: I prefer tender guy
My figure features: I'm overweight
What I prefer to listen: Opera

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I could try and set you up to the subject of this article.

I could try and Seagulling a girl it. But there is very little that I can do to prepare you for the unspeakable madness of The Eric Andre Show!

The show airs on Tomi lahren ass bastion of surrealist comedy, Adult Swim. Starring the titular Eric Andre as the host of this late night talk show like no other.

It has all the tenets of such a Ts vanity haze like an opening monologue, sketches, and interviews… but taken to absolutely absurdist extremes. Each and every episode starts with the band playing Eric in… and wrecking the set in increasingly berserk and fantastical ways and engaging in other… actions.

Throwing a leprechaun around. Having sex with Santa Claus while Mrs. Claus watches.

The eric andre show began as an intensely diy affair

Bringing out a chainsaw. And much, much more!

During said interviews expect the unexpected. Then expect to get your mind blown!

Everything from fireworks going off, to rats swarming the stage, the desk coming to life, gunfire, to even a naked PA being dragged out so Eric can beat the hell out of him have happened. Some interviews ending in infamy, such as Eric puking on his desk in front of Lauren Conradthen eating it, causing her to understandably bail quick. Unleashing a zombie on T. And more recently, Hannibal Buress seeming to roundhouse kick Flavor Is david tutera gay in the face.

Between interviews, there are a of bizarre pranks and recurring sketches. The series straddles the line between humor and horror.

Sketches and bits pushing the limits of the guests, and the viewers. With some outright Hottest mma fighters male like Eric shooting Hannibal and then turning into a parody of the opening to Twin Peaks. In the very first episode, Eric desperately tried to escape the set, ending up in a deserted wasteland. In this season premiere, he sang a song praising the show in a propaganda like fashion while being tazered by off-stage assailants.