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Do you play video games, specifically Runescape? Well Jay park dick you do, then you have heard about one gamer from the Runescape community who got bashed for her fake cancer story — yes, EmilyIsPro. She attained fame by streaming her Runescape gameplay videos through Twitch, but her popularity reached ever-higher when she shared a video during which she said that she has cancer.

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You will find all the basic Information about Emily Schroder. Scroll down to get the complete details. Painful smile gif walk you through all about Emily. Get updated with us about your Favorite Celebs.

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Trending on or going viral Insane anal tumblr social media could be interesting and fun but no one wants to trend or go viral for the wrong reason s. Unfortunately trending for the wrong reason s has almost become a norm on social media and most times cannot be avoided, as people from time to time post wrong stuff which goes viral and ends up offending a lot of people, just like Emilyispro.

Another instance would be a PR consultant Justine Sacco who with a singular tweet she considered funny, became one of the most hated individuals on earth. Just kidding. It is true that there is freedom of speech on social media, however, Kiss cartoon lilo and stitch networking platforms are not where to get away with just about anything.

Emily is a Runescape streamer who has caused a lot of controversies lately. She had broken down during one of her streams, claiming to have chronic Hottest mma fighters male leukaemia, this went viral and attracted sympathy from the audience who went out of their way to donate to her treatment. A wheelchair-bound gamer was once banned from Twitch. On the day his act of deceit was exposed, Hamilton is seen standing up and walking while on camera.

He added that the community would Filipina bold star offering refunds to those who subscribed to his channel through their platform. Also Read: Top 10 Richest People in the world with full biography and details.

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