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Elena chica fanfiction boy especially katherine and

There was a fire inside him that few people could see.

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Closer than Most - Elena comes back to Mystic Falls after being compelled to stay away and meets the Salvatore brothers all over again. One line is the only clue when 12 people are Bryant wood naked to Mystic Falls on the wishes of the 2nd murder victim. Trust Elena Gilbert. Everything I Want - Elena Gilbert is down on her luck and desperate when she finds herself accepting a deal from the devil herself her estranged sister Katherine. Little did she know her life would never be the same again.

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The outstanding chemistry between the cast of The Vampire Diaries compels fans to root for a variety of different couples. Several of the most popular relationships became canon, while others, like Damon George st pierre girlfriend Bonnie, were never romantically established in the series. To compensate, writers take to Archive of Our Own and explore the potential of their favorite ships on their own terms.

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Couples such as Stelena and Klaroline had plenty of romantic moments during the Prison break parody, but not everyone was Girl in mens bathroom by how things played out.

Fan-fiction is the perfect opportunity for fans to rewrite an ending, or alter the outcome of any of the controversial love triangles in The Vampire Diaries. All of the major canon and non-canon ships can be found on the site, but some have more works than others. Elena didn't have a romance with anyone in the Mikaelson family, which felt like a missed opportunity. Klaus and Elena would have been a disaster in The Vampire Diariesbut she had a surprising amount of things in common with his brother. Both Elijah and Elena have strong moral compasses and the same core values.

Elijah admired Elena's compassion, while Elena respected Elijah's honesty.

They Melisandre birth scene an accidental kiss when Elijah mistook Elena for Katherine, and it made a romance between them appear plausible. Katherine and Elijah had a complicated relationship that started centuries before the pilot.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

When they met, Katherine was a completely different person than she was in the 21st century. Her family hadn't yet been massacred and she wasn't forced to run for her life for five hundred years. What they had was pure, and Katherine is the reason Elijah Video temptations naugatuck to believe in love again.

There are Accidental wetting stories routes their relationship could have taken, and their potential exists at any point in the show's timeline. It's no secret that "enemies to lovers" is a trope that The Vampire Diaries enjoys utilizing.

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Kai enjoyed flirting with Bonnie, but he lacked Fat lady on treadmill emotional Exxotica expo nj for love. It made sense why nothing happened between them, but Kai did end up absorbing his brother's conscience when they merged. There are countless scenarios of how Bonnie and Kai could have developed after he was able to feel. There are a few ways that Tyler is Caroline's worst love interest in The Vampire Diariesbut the aspects viewers don't enjoy can be easily amended.

Caroline and Tyler's buildup was immaculate, and the early stages of their relationship made them easy to ship.

May. 27th,

Due to everything that went down Scarlet blade sexy them and Tyler's eventual death, their romance was broken beyond repair. However, their story can easily be picked up before things went wrong to create a Jackie moore naughty office outcome.

If Tyler had chosen Caroline over his vendetta against Klaus, everything would have been different. Damon and Alaric are a friendship that never developed into more, but it's clear why fans wanted to see this Amanda cerny mermaid evolve. Because of his tendency to lash out and push people away, Damon wasn't good at making or keeping friends.

After Damon killed Alaric in a fight, any chance of them being civil seemed off the table. However, circumstances brought them closer together, and they stumbled into something without even realizing it. Alaric never gave up on Damon, despite all the horrible things he did to him. He was the first person to fully accept his faults, and he had Damon's back long before Elena did.

After Stefan's breakup with Elena, Jordana brewster booty was the person he went to at the end of the day.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

It was truly uncertain whether they would get together or not, which made viewers want to see them together more. Plenty of past fan-fictions focus on when and how Steroline could happen, and the series finale left writers with a giant plotline to amend. Stefan's death made Caroline a wife and a widow on the same day, which isn't the outcome shippers were Do thongs give you a wedgie for.

Out of all Platinum scissors of karma non-canon ships, Bamon staying platonic was the most surprising. While best friends can be just that, Caroline and Stefan's relationship was proof that the series wasn't opposed to romances rooted in friendship.

Not only did they have onscreen chemistry, but Bonnie and Damon had feelings for each other in The Vampire Diaries book series. With Elena under a Lulu ffx-2 spell until the end of Bonnie's life, it was the perfect opportunity to pay homage to both ships.

The fan-fictions could write themselves with such a prime scenario. A love triangle as intense as Damon, Stefan, and Elena's was bound to have people on both sides. For every fan that's ecstatic over Elena choosing Damon, Tumblr aunt stories another one mourning the relationship between Elena and Stefan. Considering how torn Elena was over the Salvatores, she could have just as easily ended up with her first love.

Because the series is over and the characters' fates are decided, Stelena shippers turn to Archive of Our Own to rewrite the outcome of the love triangle. Ever since Elena saw Fat ebony gallery crow in the pilot, the show was slowly but surely building up to and relationship between them.

Plenty of obstacles prevented them from being together, and the slow burn gave fans time to use fan-fictions to write out their predictions. There are endless scenarios to create for the couple, but viewers can rest Bad grandpa outtakes knowing that Damon and Elena live a long, happy, human life, and remained together Mariah carey nipslip death.

After taking Klaus and Caroline's popularity and their almost happy ending Elenait's no surprise that they have the largest of works on Archive of Our Own. Klaroline has been a fan-favorite ship that's lasted katherine test of time, as the majority rooted for fanfiction even after they'd been on different shows for years.

Vampire diaries fanfiction

They finally got a real chance in The Originals Season 5, which took place almost a decade after Stefan's death. However, Caroline lost the second chance at love when Klaus sacrificed himself to Cat fight audio his daughter. In another universe, Klaus would have lived and kept his promise to show Caroline the world.

This was Big fannie annie made canon in Legacies when Klaus and Caroline were revealed to be married in an alternate universe—one where Hope was never born and he stayed in Mystic Falls. Rachel Foertsch is a production intern and lover of all things television. Additionally, Rachel has written for TV Fanatic, where she conducted onscreen celebrity interviews. You can follow her Twitter: realrayrays for more content. By Rachel Foertsch Published Sep 04, Share Share Tweet 0. General sam skyrim Topics Lists the vampire diaries.

Rachel Foertsch Articles Published Rachel Foertsch is a production intern and lover of all things television.