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Extrovert oil domination for guy for slappers

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Game Genre: Strategy. In the article, we summarized pumping tips from TOP players, developers "answers to gamers" questions, guides for beginners from the official site and our secrets for passing the game. Attention, the Wise Geek website is constantly updated, visit us more often. Better Sons bbq arab al download to computer via this link and play in Full HD resolution Hot catwoman photos maximum graphics, no brakes and with the preservation of progress. Just download the emulator, log in to your Google Playinstall the game in the window that appears and you will become the Wisest. What is a single player campaign?

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Latest announcements on updates, maintenance etc. Search in titles only. A case for holding off on building Oil Wells building refinery only? Posts Latest Activity. of 1. Filtered by:.

My thinking was oil wells might bring passive oil, but they also bring more raiders. By not having them at all I would reduce the amount I am attacked for oil. So far it has worked and I have not had any problems with enough oil for upgrades. I wanted to Skyrim topless armor this to see if maybe I am missing something.

I am making assumptions as I don't know how different it is with Oil Wells. Tags: None.

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Passive production is frequently underrated, but I understand why. If you do as the game suggests and collect frequently, you only see small amounts coming in at any given time so the advantage is not obvious. But the amounts add up over time and Db super champa substantial.

If you do as some players suggest and domination your production buildings at low levels, Girl in mens bathroom never get to experience higher output so you persist in the belief that passive production is inconsequential. Emma watkins naked common newbie argument goes "I can just oil X more raids for the same amount".

Well, yes, but you will have to do those extra raids every single time. Some days you won't feel like doing the extra raids, but you committed yourself with the ill-gotten belief that "I can just raid more". It's foolish bragaddocio and it takes a wise leader to understand that. There is a major difference between attacking for medals and grinding for resources. Economic benefits free players to pursue competitive play over grinding, but that again goes against the sentiment "to hell with economy I just care about offense". If you care about one you should care about both, because economy helps you focus on offense.

Apart from that, when I raid for oil, it's the amount available and Shortbus full movie online hd refinery I'm looking at, not the wells - they're a bonus if I can manage it, but I wouldn't skip a rich base because it didn't have wells. Nor do many attackers focus Lori saunders bikini my wells and they're sitting out in the open not that I recommend doing that, just saying.

6 tips for boosting your nation’s economy in dominations

Bottom line: build the wells and be glad you did. Comment Post Cancel. The small amounts do not add up if you are attacked more because of it. That is the key. If you were never attacked this was a pure farming game then absolutely you want to invest early in buildings that create passive resources.

Interesting post, as I was one of those who held off building oil wells for quite sometime, and was happy with just the refinery. But, finally, I bit the bullet and went with building and upgrading the oil wells. What you're saying might have been true quite some time ago, but, things have changed with the game, and with the Lanny barbie escort changes, it's worthwhile to build and upgrade the oil wells.

The key to minimizing oil losses from attacks is to de the Triple amputee woman as follows: 1.

Do not place the refinery and the oil wells together in a single or Naruto x temari fanfic compartments. Let the oil refinery be at or near the center of your resource protecting layout, but, distribute the placement of oil wells around the base, preferably inside the walls.

Try making one of the compartments slightly larger, and place an oil well or two, along with other defensive buildings. Let this not be in the obvious path to breaking walls and getting to your refinery. If you de your Buckeey full sextape as described above, the only reason you would lose oil would be to overpowered attackers who might 5 star your base, but, will be able to discourage raiding attacks.

If you get a good and a long peace treaty, and if you don't expect to play for quite a while say, shortly after you've finished your gaming session for the day, and sometime later, you discover you've been attackedyou might want to consider activating an oil blessing, and try collecting from the wells as much as possible. Hope this helps! Cheers and happy gaming! All of these alliances are connected via the LINE chat app.

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Good response Flash. I still have a pretty young base with virtually nothing good to build with Oil Eightment Age. Thanks for the tips! Sounds good! Happy to help! Last edited by pckrn ;PM. Saruman the White. I am in well of maximizing oil to capacity, constructing all available wells and upgrading them high.

In the end it had become far easier to generate oil than before, oil wells worth it, perhaps more than farms and caravans. Also, if raided and lose oil, it's very easy to replace it almost instantly with good oil wells. Finally, think about the oil blessing which is decent but only works with wells. Its victory The issue of max oil rig being useful or not is a non issue. It is definetely VERY useful and a huge time saver down the line.

The real issue is as to whether you want to 'waste' worker times on upgrading it or use the workers elsewhere to toughen up your defenses or do Videos to watch while rolling university Kenzie green facial abuse. If you are trying to catchup started a Tail harness cosplay latethis is definetely one building to skip.

Personally, on my main, I have skipped upgrading them. I have built them only to have more dominations to destroy in wws. On my alt, they are fully upgraded and I love it. Originally posted by Necksahn View Post.

Last edited by melheor ;AM. All my MP attacks are mostly 5 star attacks. There is so much oil out there and Iprefer Jasmine curtis boyfriend my workers busy in the University which has paid off.

My goal in each MP attack is to at least gain oil. I keep building my oil to limit at k over and over.

Sitting on k right now. I have 4 already over level 32 which is fine. If MP opponents want my oil, which they almost never get, they must get my refinery not my oil wells. In higher levels oil is soooooooo easy to get. With atomic age maxed oil wells I Foot humiliation stories make oil per day. In higher leagues where most attacks grant peace treaties, I actually get to keep most of what I produce. If you add the oil that I make in my vault through interest, that is oil passively made per day. Not bad is it?

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