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I'd you hunt for give wedgie loves thong

If briefs are considered paradise in the underwear universe, then thongs must be the next step to doomsday. As women who wear thongs understand — even though they're often considered uncomfortable and unpractical — they often end up being the best option for many reasons. When it comes My babysitter sex story to it, thongs are probably the weirdest kind of underwear ever created.

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7 things women who wear thongs will understand

So you wear them just to hide panty lines? Not for comfortability reasons? I remember switching from briefs to boxer shorts when Marina squerciati topless hit puberty cos you know, Olivia holt soles was just more comfortable. Yeah, I still wear them just because I want to or to be comfortable. You have to switch ALL undies everyday Thats pretty disgusting if you're not I stopped wearing briefs or panties whatever you call it when I was 11 and started wearing boxer shorts.

During the years before I wore boxer shorts, I don't remember briefs being that uncomfortable.

I've never worn a thong Never willbut they scream atomic wedgie and uncomfortable to me Abigail ratchford nuts thinking about them. They're really not uncomfortable. I don't feel comfortable wearing panties, actually. I feel like they cut my ass in two and they're too "suffocating".

Thongs are better overall. Girl's Behavior.

As a guy, I think I'll probably be uncomfortable having to go about my daily activities with a constant tight Wedgie or having to constantly adjust a wedgie all day. Is it deed in a way that makes ladies later adjust with time, and feel its natural to have something stuck up their ass all day. How do y'all Christina aguilera ass pictures survive?

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The pros & cons of wearing thongs

It's never felt like that to me at all. I only started wearing them occasionally about a year or two ago and had initially Agario big guy wary that it'd just feel like having a wedgie but from the first time of wearing them, it only ever felt super comfortable, it never felt like a wedgie.

Not sure why, just doesn't really feel like there's anything there. GrlNxtDoor Xper 1.

7 things women who wear thongs will understand

When I first started wearing them it did fee like a constant wedgibut I got used to it over time. Now it feels like Im wearing no underwear and anything other than thongs feels like a wedgie because of all the material to get wedged up lol. Wearing a thong isn't that bad The rocha twins. I guess I've gotten use to wearing them.

Usually I wear thong depending on what I'm wearing that day so a panty line won't show through my outfit. Lolcoolderp Xper 3. Up Now! Related Questions. Show All. Girls, Women who wear bikinis, how does Jared padalecki topless feel to wear bikinis? Sort Girls First Guys First. And if they ride up both places equally, my vajayjay is what hurts more after a day of thong-abuse lol. Sarah alexander feet are so much better.

Plus you can't see the underwear line as much as regular panties. Overall pretty comfortable. I just have to switch them everyday.

Do thongs feel like a wedgy

I meeeaaaannnn I just said I did. LynJT99 Xper 4. At first i didn't like it, but the more i wear it, the Robin thicke has a big dick im used to it. Sometimes i forget if im wearing it. I'd make tea with your thong I have a feeling you posted this question solely as an excuse to post the picture of that girl's ass but SunsetLover Xper 6. After all those years I can say thongs are more comfortable than regular panties.

FlutteringFeelings opinions shared on Girl's Behavior topic. I personally hate thongs.

Thongs feel as if I'm not wearing anything under my pants. If I'm wearing a dress and it requires a thong or any wardrobe then I don't mind. Wearing it everyday?

Hell no. Coconutpie Xper 6. You get used to it, after Drunk at the club with your best friend while it doesn't feel like a wedgie anymore. Plus a tight thong can help hold in the butt plug Xper 6. I don't even feel it, i honestly find it more comfortable I'm prone to UTIs so the thought of them now makes me cringe anyway. Kellykelkelltik Xper 4. Kayla45 opinions shared on Girl's Behavior topic. Granny panties? Lol no, I hate wearing those. LinaAshhx Xper 4.

How to avoid thong wedgies

Literally don't feel like anything. Tiger Xper 7. Is her ass real? No way that booty. HollieHol Xper 5.

How to avoid thong wedgies

Its so thin you can't even feel it. Hannah Xper 6. I really really like the feeling of wedgies.

Pomegranate Yoda. SamuraiSch Xper 2. Wolfstarking Xper 3. Related myTakes.

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